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The “Secret” deal with Iran that I have been posting about has “Officially” happened…

Nov. 4 (ANI): Iran has suspended the enrichment of uranium stockpiles to the 20 percent purity needed to bring it a short step from building a nuclear device.
Mohammad Hossein Asfari, a member of parliament responsible for foreign policy and national security, termed the move a “goodwill” gesture, aimed at softening Iran’s position before a new round of scheduled talks with the U.S. after this week’s presidential elections, reports The Guardian.
Asfari said he hoped sanctions would be lifted in return for Iran’s actions, otherwise it would resume the programme. Talks aimed at halting Iran’s enrichment programme have made little progress, leading to the west tightening sanctions and increasing the prospect of military action by Israel, the paper said.
Iran’s economy has plummeted in the grip of punitive economic measures and Tehran indicated earlier this month that it would be willing to negotiate. However, the offer to suspend enrichment required so many concessions that it was dismissed by the U.S.
Iran has a stockpile of 20 percent uranium weighing just over 90 kg according to an International Energy Agency watchdog report in August.
According to experts, between 200-250kg is needed for one nuclear device. Once uranium reaches 20 percent purity, it is close to becoming weapons grade.
However, Asfari did not address the fact that Iran already holds enough low enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs if it is further enriched and the current stock of the 20 percent enriched uranium kept at the Fordo facility. Also, as of the release of this news, there has been no official verification by the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA, that Iran has indeed halted the 20 percent enrichment out of its Natanz and Fordo nuclear facilities. This is while reports, just days ago, confirmed that IAEA inspectors have verified that Iran has installed the last of nearly 3000 centrifuges in the underground site at Fordo.
I posted exclusively on the secret meetings in Washington and Doha, Qatar, between Obama representatives led by a woman and those of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei Oct. 4, Oct. 8, Oct. 23 and Oct. 28. Iran has denied the secret talks were held and stated that there were no negotiations to assist Obama in his re-election. The U.S. delegation urged an announcement, even if only for a temporary nuclear deal, before the U.S. elections to help Obama get reelected. A Romney presidency, the delegation said, would surely move more toward Israel, noting that Obama has stood up to Israel against attacking Iran. The regime’s delegation was urged to understand that if Iran did not stand by Obama, Israel would attack Iran.

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Iran’s Secret Nuclear Bomb Factory Revealed…Hidden under Medicine factory

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Iranian scientists are nearing completion of a nuclear warhead, having already successfully tested an implosion system and neutron detonator at a secret site while enriching uranium to weapons grade, according to a former Iranian intelligence officer.

The information comes from Hamidreza Zakeri, formerly with the Islamic regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, or MOIS.

Zakeri previously testified at the federal district court in Manhattan in the Havlish v. bin Laden civil lawsuit, where he provided proof that Iran had materially aided and supported al-Qaida before and after 9/11.
Zakeri, who has in the past provided credible information on another site to Western intelligence agencies, said that after the revelation of the existence of the Iranian atomic research facility in Lavizan-Shian, the team of scientists moved to a secret location in 2003.

The site was then demolished and the earth scraped clean by the Revolutionary Guards. Iranian authorities had denied an IAEA request to visit the site before the cleanup.

Lavizan-Shian was headed by the father of Iran’s nuclear bomb program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi.
A 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate concluded that Iran had halted work on its nuclear bomb project in 2003 around the same time that the Iranian atomic research facility in Lavizan-Shian became known. The information was based on intelligence that funding for Fakhrizadeh’s work on the project had been frozen.

WND reported last week that a source affiliated with high Iranian officials confirmed Iran could announce a halt to the nation’s nuclear enrichment before next month’s U.S. election in a move to save Barack Obama’s presidency.

The source, who remains anonymous for security reasons, said a three-person delegation of the Obama administration, led by a woman, engaged in secret negotiations with a representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The delegation urged the Iranian leader to announce a halt to enrichment, even if temporary, before the Nov. 6 election, promising removal of some sanctions.

The source said the delegation warned that a Mitt Romney presidency would change the U.S. relationship with Iran regarding its nuclear program.

The U.S. representatives reminded the Iranians that President Obama has stood in front of Israel, preventing the Jewish state from attacking Iran over its illicit nuclear arms policy.

The head of Iran’s Atomic Organization, Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani, admitted last month that misleading facts were used to deceive the West and protect the country’s nuclear advances.

The revelation of the secret Iranian nuclear site, if verified, will dramatically change the Western outlook on the timing of Iran’s nuclear capability and will prove that not only the 2007 NIE conclusion was based on disinformation, but that the Islamic regime has already crossed Israel’s “red line” and is closing in on nuclear capability.

Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, a Revolutionary Guards officer and father of three, is on the U.N. Security Council asset freeze and travel notification list and was the key figure in negotiations and exchange of information with Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb project, over Iran’s nuclear program. According to the source, he travels under the pseudonym of Hassan Mohseni.
He has been a mysterious figure as Iranian authorities have continuously denied the IAEA’s request to interview him. He and his team of scientists have continued their work out of the new secret site, the source said.
Construction of the new site, in the province of Isfahan on the outskirts of the small city of Najafabad, was begun in 1997 and completed in 2002 by Khatam al-Anbia, the engineering arm of the Revolutionary Guards.

To avoid suspicion, the site was built below the medicine factory, “Abu Reyhan.”

The facility beneath the factory has three levels, with two underground entrances away from the facility.
Sources in Iran have verified seeing transfer of equipment labeled with “radiation warning” that was then transferred to the underground facility. There is also a security post at the entrance to the road (“Medicine Road”) leading to the medicine factory.

Three very deep wells have been dug within the underground facility, although it is not clear why. But also a long underground passage leads to an emergency exit within the adjoining mountain.

Jafar Mohammadi, listed in an annex to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1737 of Dec. 23, 2006, as a person involved in Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities, is in charge of managing and providing nuclear testing equipment and all technological elements for the facility.
The site – Velayat 1 – which was built with a capacity of 800 centrifuges for uranium enrichment, has been up and running for some time and currently is enriching uranium to weapons grade for the nuclear bomb project.

Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi is being assisted by 10 other scientists, including four of high rank: Akbar Motalbizadeh, Saeid Rashvand, Mohammad Hassan Zahmatkesh and Mansor Roknizadeh. The others are Hossein Rastgar, Seyed Amir Hossein Feghhi, Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi, Mahmood Rahimzadeh, Abdulhamid Minochehreh and Jalal Shobairi.

They have been working at the site and on projects 2, 3, 4, 5, 110 (previously project 3) and 111, all within the SEPAND, known by the IAEA as SPND project and under the AMAD weapons program to build atomic warheads.

The site operates under the control of the Revolutionary Guards to expand research and development of nuclear, plutonium and atomic warheads.
Their activities include:

A: Enriching uranium to weapons grade.

B: Testing a neutron detonator and implosion system (chemical explosive lens). As a result of research at the facility, a test was done out of Iran’s Parchin military site several months ago. After the revelation of the high-explosives experiment activity, Iran started to clean up the site and continues to stonewall the IAEA’s request to inspect the Parchin site.

C: Designing and building a nuclear warhead to arm Iran’s Shahab 3 ballistic missile.

D: Separating plutonium for a plutonium implosion-type fission bomb. Iran’s heavy-water reactor near the city of Arak is nearing completion and is capable of providing spent fuel that, once processed, could produce plutonium for nuclear bombs. The separation of plutonium from fuel is an easy process requiring dual-use off-the-shelf equipment that Iran has already purchased.

The source indicated Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi’s atomic warhead project seeks to build three nuclear warheads in its initial phase. Tests of the implosion system and neutron generator have been successful, the source said, and the design of the nuclear warhead is nearly complete.
The Aug. 30 IAEA report stated that Iran has increased the number of centrifuges to over 2,000 at its previously secret site at Fordow, deep in a mountain near the city of Qom, and is enriching to the 20 percent level. More than10,000 centrifuges are enriching uranium to the 3.5 percent level at Natanz, which currently has enough low-enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs if further enriched.

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OBAMA SECRET IRAN DEAL CUT…..Look for announcement of temporary halt to uranium enrichment

Iran could announce a temporary halt to uranium enrichment before next month’s U.S. election in a move to save Barack Obama’s presidency, a source affiliated with high Iranian officials said today.

The source, who remains anonymous for security reasons, said a three-person delegation of the Obama administration led by a woman engaged in secret negotiations yesterday with a representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The delegation urged the Iranian leader to announce a halt to enrichment, even if temporary, before the Nov. 6 election, promising removal of some sanctions.

The source said the delegation warned that a Mitt Romney presidency would change the U.S. relationship with Iran regarding its nuclear program.

The U.S. representatives reminded the Iranians that President Obama has stood in front of Israel, preventing the Jewish state from attacking Iran over its illicit nuclear arms policy.

Yesterday’s meeting, which took place in Doha, Qatar, was coordinated by the Qatar monarchy, whose members attended at the request of the Obama administration.

Ali Akbar Velayati, the former Iranian foreign minister and current close adviser to the supreme leader on international affairs, secretly traveled to Qatar for the meeting. Velayati is wanted by Argentina for the Jewish community center bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people.

One Obama representative, the woman, who had met Velayati before, urged Velayati to announce a halt, even if it is only for a week or two, to uranium enrichment prior to the U.S. election, according to the source. The U.S. representatives promised the Obama administration quickly would remove some sanctions on the Iranian central bank and oil industry, with further collaboration after the election, the source said.

Yesterday’s secret meeting took place even as hundreds of merchants in Tehran marched on parliament to protest the collapsing Iranian currency and the Islamic regime’s financial support for the besieged Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.

Riot police violently clamped down on black-market money changers while merchants in the sprawling bazaar closed their shops during the protest. With inflation soaring, Iranian merchants can’t sell their goods, for fear they won’t be able to restock their shelves.

Yesterday’s negotiation was an extension of secret negotiations begun in early January when, according to Iranian officials and a report by Fars News Agency, Obama requested collaboration with the Islamic regime through three different channels. The channels were a letter to the supreme leader, a message to the Iranian U.N. delegate and a direct message through Swiss Ambassador Livia Leu Agosti in Tehran in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Ministry officials, who quoted a message from Obama.
The Obama message said: “I didn’t want to impose sanctions on your central bank, but I had no options but to approve it since a Congress majority had approved the decision.”

A unanimous U.S. Senate vote had approved strong sanctions against the Iranian central bank and oil industry, but with a veto threat by the president, the effective date of the implementation of the sanctions was delayed to July 1.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday in Kazakhstan that the sanctions can be lifted immediately if the regime meets its nuclear obligations. She blamed its leaders for the financial crisis and spreading protests and said U.S. policy only seeks to convince the regime to seriously negotiate over its uranium enrichment program.

The Islamic leaders face increasing challenges with the Iranian people, a majority of whom resent the regime and are once again gathering energy to confront it with the hope of achieving regime change and freedom and democracy.

Fox News has reported that Iranian authorities dispatched riot police to key locations in Tehran just within the last 24 hours because of the turmoil over the plunging value of the nation’s currency. Many shop owners were closed the day before, and trash bins were burned as citizens and security forces clashed. More than a dozen were “detained.”

In 2009, when Iranians came out by the millions demanding change and urging Obama to support them, the administration instead negotiated with the regime in the hope of reaching a solution over Iran’s nuclear program. Though the Islamic leaders promised to collaborate with the president once the masses were fully suppressed, the Iranian leaders announced that not only was the offer no longer acceptable but they had further progressed with their nuclear program by reaching a milestone of enriching uranium to the 20-percent level.

The Aug. 30 IAEA report showed Iran has doubled the number of centrifuges at its Fordow facility deep within a mountain to more than 2,000, and work continues unabated at the 20-percent enrichment level. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 centrifuges at the Natanz facility are enriching to the 3.5-percent level, with enough low-enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs should Iran decide to enrich further.

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