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How to build a fire piston..start a fire without matches…

Did you know there’s a way to start a fire by squishing air? In this project we’re building a tool that does exactly that, and with a little bit of resourcefulness, we can make this for under $1.00. This tool is completely see through, so you can witness the ignition first hand!

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Bomb Shelter Boom Sees Underground Pools, Basketball Courts……

The latest real estate boom to sweep America comes with all the trappings of luxurious living: custom-built swimming pools, gyms, full-length basketball courts, and even airplane hangars.
The only catch is that this time, the features are all buried underground.
The boom in bomb shelter sales over the past 15 years has taken the spartan 1950s notion of a fallout shelter and given it a makeover, according the owners of three companies that make and sell shelters.
Now, custom installations can create 100,000 square foot underground dwellings that could hold dozens of people for months or years.
“You can have all your major amenities: TV, high power and high voltage (appliances)… horticulture rooms where you can grow vegetables and gardens, a full shower, all the amenities of your full home. We’re not limiting what people can do,” said Brad Roberson, marketing director for Rising S Company, which builds and installs custom shelters.
The basic requirements that most owners want in a shelter include air filtration systems to protect from nuclear, chemical and biological warfare, ventilation systems and a toilet system, as well as blast-proof and fallout-proof casing on the outside, he and other makers told ABC News.
But in addition to that, shelters can have “secret doors, hidden passageways, panic rooms, bulletproof glass,” running water, toilets, showers, and electricity, according to Roberson.
“Budget and imagination are the only limits,” he said.
A bunker on the small side of 10 feet by 20 feet starts at about $54,000. They go up from there to $10 million, Roberson said.
At Utah Shelter Systems, corrugated pipe shelters start about $50,000 for an 8-foot diameter by 32-foot length shelter. They go up to about 490,000 for a 12 –foot by 50-foot run, Packer said.
Rising S recently built an $8 million shelter in Colorado that measured 15,000 square feet, with camouflaged elevators and handicap ramps to provide access to a disabled client. They placed a log cabin over the top of the bunker to serve as a safe house. Behind the logs will be a bulletproof half-inch steel plate protecting the structure, he said.
“Everything above ground is camouflaged by an old barn or water silo that sits above it,” Roberson said. “He’s got a basketball court, and airplane hangar large enough to park 2 Cessna planes that will open up to face a hill or mountain. He’s got a large gym, 22 rooms, he has a large family.”
In the past 15 years, companies that make and sell underground bunkers have sprouted up


Bomb Shelters Make a Comeback Amid Nuclear, Economic Uncertainties around the country, mainly in the West and South, according to the founders of three companies.
“I think probably around the year 2000 we started seeing quite an increase in sales,” said Sharon Packer, co-owner of Utah Shelter Systems in Draper, Utah. Her company installs shelters made out of 10-foot-wide concrete pipes linked together to create rooms six feet underground.
“People were concerned about the very real issue of possible effects on our computers. ‘Y2K’ started the upsurge, and for 13 years it’s been a good steady business,” Packer said. “After 9/11 we had a big surge in the East, in New York.”
Recently, fears of a nuclear armed Iran or North Korea have stoked the fear that a nationwide disaster would force residents to retreat to safety underground, to wait out nuclear fallout or social instability, Packer and others said.
“It’s sad to say, the worse the state of affairs get, our government gets, the closer we see these policies the government is forcing down our throats, and foreign threats as well. It inflames peoples’ desire to give themselves a retreat,” Roberson said.

Buying Bomb Shelters Like Buying Insurance
“People are awakening to the threat,” Packer said. “A lot of it is the terrorist attacks, a lot of it is the economy. People are concerned about having a government failure. Some of it is Earth changes.”
Brian Duvaul, the sales manager at American Safe Homes, said that in the last quarter of 2012 his businesses saw a 25 percent jump in calls that he attributed, in part, to the Mayan calendar ending and fears about the end of the world. He also said he had previously seen jumps in sales during the anthrax scares of 2002 and 2003, and after the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown in Japan in 2011.
“People don’t always come out and tell us why they’re doing what they’re doing. We had one guy tell us he had to get a blast door for his wife’s birthday, which happened to be one day before the Mayan calendar ended,” Duvaul said. “I didn’t believe him, but we got him the door.
Bomb shelter manufacturers said that their average customer is a middle-aged, affluent man, though beyond that, all different types of people have come looking for protection from future disasters.
“The purchasers, they understand the need for it. It’s almost like buying insurance. You don’t know if we’ll have a scenario in our lifetime, though we suspect it, that will drive us underground,” Roberson said.
“It seems to be not as much about fallout,” he said, explaining the motivation for installing a shelter. He said that logically, most people won’t be within range of nuclear fallout,
“It won’t matter how close you were to the blast radius. It’s going to be the ‘haves and have-nots’, and if they need it they’re going to take it, to come into your house and burn it down,” he said.
Packer of Utah Shelter Systems said that of her customers, she has seen few traditional “survivalists,” and many more ordinary, highly-educated professionals coming to her in case of a worst-case scenario.
“The vast majority are professionals,” Packers said. “They are very well educated, a lot of doctors. The majority of them are physicians, and attorneys, a lot of engineers, all of whom understand the real threat.”
Spencer Weart, the author of the “The Rise of Nuclear Fear,” said that bomb shelters are a logical act for people who really believe there will be a nuclear war or some type of disaster. Weart has catalogued America’s nuclear fears dating to the 1950s.
“It’s a way of putting money where your mouth is, isn’t it?” Weart said. “If you believe there’s actually going to be a nuclear war, you’re kind of in a tough situation. If you’re convinced of that, it makes sense to make yourself a fallout shelter. So most people convince themselves there isn’t going to be a nuclear war. It’s optimists versus pessimists.”
The rise in popularity of bomb shelters shows a persistent strain of skepticism about community in America, he said.
“The thing about a bomb shelter is it assumes a societal breakdown, and this is one of the great myths that’s been propagated since the 19th century, that society will break down and it’s every family for himself, which is not what happens in a disaster,” Weart said.
“People tend to pitch and help each other, even at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It ties in a fundamental distrust of human nature. It shows a complete distrust in society and the social system.”

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Survival drinking water…..


Specifications and Package Information

Filters at least 1,000 liters of water
Removes up to:
99.99999 percent of waterborne bacteria
99.9 percent of waterborne protozoan cysts
Reduces turbidity by filtering particles of approximately 0.2 microns
Contains no chemicals

Place your LifeStraw® in water and sip through the mouthpiece.
Regularly blow through your LifeStraw® after drinking to keep the filters clean and to prevent them from clogging.

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Survival Tool…Alcohol Camping/Bug out Stove…The Penny Stove..Video

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EXCELLENT IDEA OF THE DAY: INFLATABLE JACKET …….This jacket can go from a windbreaker to a ski parka in no time flat.

Here’s how it works: Zip up the jacket as you head out for a jog around the park or an ascent up Mount Everest. Pump the inflation port in the left pocket to allow the chambers to conform to your body. As you warm up while running or climbing, maintain your climate control by deflating the jacket.

The jacket comes with either a dry air pump or (for a heftier price tag) a NobleTek gas pump, which uses Argon gas for inflation. The company — the first to use argon in apparel — chose argon because of its low thermal conductivity. Argon is also used to insulate windows. And since Argon is virtually weightless, your ski parka shouldn’t slow you down.

The liner uses eco-friendly bamboo and charcoal for odor control.
$250 gets you a jacket off the first production run, estimated to be delivered in March.

It’s not the first high-tech outdoors item the company has produced. There’s a vest based on the same technology, as well as minimalist sleeping pads and waterproof/breathable shells.

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Historically sold directly to the US Military, and now the private sector. Started with the outdoor markets like hunting and camping.

The idea for the bands originated in WWII as a way for our soldiers and marines to carry emergency cordage into the field with them. Our guys are still using them today in Afghanistan. The cord can be unraveled to provide the wearer with about 9 feet of USA made 550 mil-spec paracord (that can be broken into individual strands for a total of about 80’ of 50lb test), to make emergency shelters, repair broken gear, tourniquets, thousands of uses.

How to choose your size:

Take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist.
Measure piece of string with a ruler or measuring tape.
Product Details
Made in the USA
Standard Black Clasp
Width of single bands are approximately 5/8”
Length of available cord varies with size of band

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California Company Sells Post-Apocalypse Survival Shelters…….

The world may end at the end of this year, or at least that is what a number of people are fearing because of the ancient Mayan calendar that does not go beyond December 21, 2012. Some people even fear that the end of the world could come in the form of a zombie apocalypse. If you’re a doomsdayer or know someone who is, a California-based company has a new solution for you.
Atlas Survival Shelters, whose slogan is “Better prepared than scared,” offers survival chambers made out of 32×10-foot metal tubes. The chambers are designed to be installed 20 feet underground, far away from the possible crumbling of the world above. The survival chambers would be accessible from a hatch in the backyard of the survivalist.
Atlas’s website says you can stay safe in one of their shelters in the event of “pandemic outbreak, civil unrest, malicious mobs and biological, nuclear fallout or attacks from home grown terrorists or other nations.” Not every survival shelter is the same, because they’re each customizable. They come equipped with bunk beds, flat-screen televisions, kitchens, and even an electric toilet.
So how much will you have to shell out to own one of these bad boys? The survival shelters start at close to $50,000 and go up from there. The owners say they have not actually sold one yet, but there have been some very serious inquiries. And they’ve recently added an incentive to purchase: Get 10 acres of land free when you buy a shelter.
See a short video here:

Atlas link:

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Looking for a Private Get-away spot??

Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean is the most remote island on Earth. The nearest land is Antarctica, 994 miles away.

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Study: ‘Women and Children First’ Is a Myth….

The megahit movie “Titanic” reinforced the commonly held notion that women and children have historically been given priority when passengers and crew must abandon a sinking ship.

But a new study of shipwrecks by two researchers reveals that “women and children first” is a myth.

The study examined 18 shipping disasters dating back to the 1850s and found that the survival rate was 61 percent for crew members, 37 percent for male passengers, 27 percent for women, and 15 percent for children.

The notion that “the captain must go down with the ship” is also a myth, the study disclosed: The survival rate for captains was 44 percent, higher than for male or female passengers and children.

The true rallying cry on sinking ships seemed instead to be “every man for himself,” wrote study authors Mikael Elinder of Sweden’s Uppsala University and Oscar Erixson of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm.

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It was based on the premise that crew members and male passengers stood a better chance of surviving a free-for-all evacuation due to their greater strength and familiarity with the vessel, and if men chose to sacrifice themselves for the sake of women and children, their survival rates should reflect that.

They did not, the researchers found.

It is true, however, that the survival rate of women on the Titanic was more than three times higher than the men’s survival rate, a result of actions by the British ship’s officers — 74 percent of women and 52 percent of children survived, compared to 20 percent of men, while 1,502 of 2,224 passengers and crew perished.

But the Swedish study found that in general, women suffered worse survival rates aboard British ships than on those flagged by other countries.

Maritime law does not require captains to go down with their ship, or crew members to sacrifice themselves for the sake of women and children passengers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“‘Women and children first’ is part of the common vernacular,” William Dysart, a maritime lawyer and board chairman of the San Diego Maritime Museum, told the Times.

“But I have to chuckle when I hear people talk about it. To my knowledge it’s never been codified.”

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