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EXCELLENT IDEA OF THE DAY: INFLATABLE JACKET …….This jacket can go from a windbreaker to a ski parka in no time flat.

Here’s how it works: Zip up the jacket as you head out for a jog around the park or an ascent up Mount Everest. Pump the inflation port in the left pocket to allow the chambers to conform to your body. As you warm up while running or climbing, maintain your climate control by deflating the jacket.

The jacket comes with either a dry air pump or (for a heftier price tag) a NobleTek gas pump, which uses Argon gas for inflation. The company — the first to use argon in apparel — chose argon because of its low thermal conductivity. Argon is also used to insulate windows. And since Argon is virtually weightless, your ski parka shouldn’t slow you down.

The liner uses eco-friendly bamboo and charcoal for odor control.
$250 gets you a jacket off the first production run, estimated to be delivered in March.

It’s not the first high-tech outdoors item the company has produced. There’s a vest based on the same technology, as well as minimalist sleeping pads and waterproof/breathable shells.

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The Survivor Truck, built to drive through the end of the world……..

“Sometimes,” author William S. Burroughs once said, “paranoia is just having all the facts.” Given the facts gathered from the past few natural and man-made disasters, it’s not a surprise that many people have begun to think of what they’d need to survive the next calamity. One California man has taken a kitchen-sink approach and created the Survivor Truck — a machine that could keep rolling through any given Armageddon.

Jim DeLozier, who sells survival goods in Costa Mesa, Calif., says the idea of the Survivor Truck was to build the ultimate rolling outpost, one that could withstand even a nuclear attack. Starting with a Chevy C70 truck powered by 150-gallon tanks of gasoline or propane, DeRozier outfitted the chassis with every conceivable piece of equipment needed to travel through a disaster. “My goal was to build a vehicle that can go anywhere you want to go, stay as long as you want and drive back out,” DeLozier says.
On the outside, the truck gets bulletproof shielding, a filtration system to keep chemical agents out of the cabin and even a coating of pickup truck bedliner. Night vision helps keep watch on what’s happening when the lights go out, while a solar generator can provide power for the array of communications gear during daylight hours. On the inside, there’s enough water, food, toilets and battery power to keep a group of people not just alive but comfortable for months amidst chaos. If parked in the wilderness, the top platform includes a complete camping unit and inflatable raft, along with a water purification system; if there’s some need for an aggressive response, the truck has a protected sniper’s cage and a backup crossbow and arrows.
While DeLozier says he originally conceived the truck as the ultimate survivalist driving machine — with a price that runs between $100,000 and $600,000 — he’s received more interest from military and law enforcement agencies mulling a rolling command center. He says he’s somewhat surprised by the attention his concept has received, “whether it’s the zombie apocalypse fad or whether people believe they have a potential need….it’s designed to be a home away from home.” Given how many people have seen their homes washed away or destroyed in recent years, it’s no wonder there’s some demand for something that could outrun trouble.

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Survival Gear…..A Survival Belt for Gentlemen: The No. 11

When you’re around other people, you naturally want to look your best, and when you’re all alone, you want to be prepared. But dressing as a gentleman and being prepared aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, thanks to people like Colonel Littleton.

Col. Littleton’s No. 11 Survival Belt is a gentleman’s accessory that just oozes quality, made from American steer hide and accented by solid brass hardware, and it also doubles as part of your survival gear. Just release two brass snaps to remove 27 feet of 650 lb. test mil-spec paracord from the belt, which could very well make all of the difference in the world in a survival or emergency situation.

The many uses for this incredibly strong parachute cord are the following:
Life Line – Boot Lace – Gun Sling – Arm Sling – Dog Leash – Saddle Girt – Bridle Reins – Tourniquet – Make a Raft – Fish Stringer – Horse Halter – Animal Snare – Secure a Load – Tie a Bandage – Water Bucket Line – Secure a Bandage – 4-Wheeler Tow Rope – Backpack Shoulder Strap – Drag a Deer Out of Woods – Make an Emergency Litter – Secure a Boat…Canoe…Kayak – Secure a Food Stash in a Tree – Sewing Thread… Inside Strands – Fishing Line… use Inside Strands – Tie Tree Limbs Down to Make a Shelter – Lower Food and Water… Supplies…to a Person Stranded in a Pit

The No. 11 Survival belt is made in the U.S., fits waist sizes 34-48, and comes in three colors (Olive Drab, International Orange, and Navy Blue). Price: $149 at Col. Littleton’s

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