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Disarming America . . .

In late March 2013, 17 year old De’Marquis Elkins shot and killed
an 13 month old baby who was sitting in a stroller.

Elkins shot the infant in the face after the mother refused to give him money.

He also shot the mother in the leg and the neck in Brunswick , GA.

De’Marquis Elkins is not a member of the NRA.

He did not use an assault rifle.

He did not get his stolen pistol from a gun show.

His favorite music is rap.

He did not attend Christian school, nor was he home schooled.

He did attend multicultural public education,
and was not instructed in the Ten Commandments.

His Momma was on welfare, got food stamps, and lived in public housing.

His daddy was not around, and his two brothers have a different daddy.

He already has a record for violent crimes.

He is gang member.

His mom, grandma, and Aunty all voted for Obama.

He never earned his hunter safety card, nor did he shoot CMP,
Junior NRA, or 4H Air Rifle Competitions.

He was never instructed in gun safety from his father or grandfather.

His public education and family taught him that the white man owes him something.

He went to collect it.

He has no plans on getting married, but does have a Baby Momma, and no,
he is not supporting her baby.

He smokes dope.

He does respect Kayne West.

While he has no job, nor is looking for one, he is well fed.

He has no skills outside of crime.

He speaks Ebonics, and is not capable of doing a professional
interview, even though he spent 11 years in public education.

He is one of millions.

This is what we are up against. Make no mistake that people like
Elkins will have their guns. There are people wanting to deny
you the right to arm yourself. Your tax dollars are paying for
the continuation of a system that breeds pieces of shit like this one.

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Man Shoots, Kills Home Intruder…31 Mar 13

A South Philadelphia homeowner opened fire early this morning on two men who broke into his home, leaving one of the would-be burglars dead.

The two men broke in through a second floor bathroom window of a home on the 1400 block of S 6th Street just before 1 a.m., according to Philadelphia Police.

The 63-year-old homeowner, who wasn’t identified, says he confronted the men in the bathroom and a struggle ensued with the intruders, according to investigators.

During the struggle the homeowner opened fire and the men left house through the window and onto the rear roof, according to police.

When officers arrived they were met by the homeowner who told them that he shot at the intruders.

Police found one of the men on the back roof dead. The other intruder got away.

No charges were filed as the investigation continued.

In Pennsylvania, a person can be found justified to use force against some who has broken into their home under the so-called “Castle Doctrine” that was amended in 2011.

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Legislation tracks lawful owners, bans 120 specific weapons…..

The Washington campaign to grab guns, register owners and crack down on cosmetic options on firearms moves into high gear starting tomorrow, when Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the author of the nation’s original “assault” gun ban in the 1990s, announces her new proposal to fingerprint, photograph and investigate Americans who already have weapons.

Her office has confirmed to the Washington Times that she will hold a press conference Thursday to talk about her strategy to launch an assault on Americans who have or want to have semiautomatic rifles and handguns.

Her original ban, which existed from 1994 until 2004, was not renewed by Congress after law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, testified that it simply was ineffective in cutting crime.

Nevertheless, that ban on “assault” weapons is being proposed again, only this time it’s on steroids.

Feinstein earlier confirmed that her attack on weapons would include a ban on the “sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of 120 specfically named firearms, certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one or more military characteristics; and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.”

She claims her plan will strengthen the 1994 ban by outlawing weapons just because they have a particular characteristic, such as a “thumbhole stock.”

Feinstein also wants outlawed ammunition magazines that take more than 10 rounds.

She claims it would protect “rights of existing gun owners” because it would grandfather weapons already legally owned and exempt “disabled” weapons.

But for any of those weapons that are “grandfathered,” she would demand that the owners be investigated, photographed and fingerprinted; the type and serial number of the weapon be registered and local law enforcement certify that it is legal.

The Washington Examiner points out that Feinstein’s plan would cost every owner of a semiautomatic rifle another $200 in taxes, too – for weapons they already have purchased and on which they already have paid taxes.

The report said a $200 tax is imposed each time a National Firearms Act weapon is registered or transferred. “Presumably, each weapon registered as an NFA firearm would be subject to the same restrictions,” the report said.

It also points out that Feinstein’s ban on any transfers would include “assault” weapons, which means owners of semiautomatic rifles would be allowed to pay the tax and keep them until they die, when they would be forfeited to the government.

For support, Feinstein cites a letter to the editor on the American Journal of Public Health where two people wrote that “when Maryland imposed a more stringent ban on assault pistols and high-capacity magazines in 1994, it led to a 55 percent drop in assault pistols recovered by the Baltimore Police Department.”

She also applauded Barack Obama’s recent strategy for attacking gun rights.

“He was exactly right when he said ‘weapons designed for the theater of war have no place’ in our society. I couldn’t agree more,” said Feinstein, who once had her own concealed carry permit because she perceived a threat to herself.

The moves all are because of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting where one man killed his own mother, then took her guns and went to a nearby school and killed 20 students and five adults.

Ironically, perhaps because of the coming ban, school officials have been buying weapons. It was reported this week that the Fontana Unified School District Police Department had purchased 14 AR-15 “assault” weapons to protect students.

Supt. Carl. Olsen-Binks said the “assault” rifles are being stored in locked safes on campuses for officers to use if they need.

Whether the extreme measures Feinstein is proposing will succeed remains to be seen. Although the White House and Senate are occupied by Democrats, the U.S. House of Representatives has a majority of Republicans.

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Personal Firearm….

This is my Springfield Armory .40 cal, XD subcompact.

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Pistols vs Revolvers: Selecting the Right Handgun by Learn about

Pistols and revolvers each have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses the pros and cons of each type of handgun:

Generally speaking, a semiautomatic pistol is a handgun where the magazine slides into the grip of the gun, and some of the energy from firing the gun is used to eject the spent cartridge and load a fresh one. Compared to revolvers, pistols have the benefits of a larger magazine capacity (often as high as 15 rounds on larger pistols), easier trigger pull, faster rate of fire, and a more compact shape. On the down side, pistols are not as mechanically simple as revolvers, and rely upon the first round firing successfully in order for the second round to be cycled into the chamber. This means that revolvers may be better suited for self defense, at least for people who don’t take meticulous care of their guns. That said, the reliability of modern pistols is exceptionally high.

Revolvers have multiple chambers contained in a cylinder, each which holds a round. When the trigger is pulled, the cylinder rotates and a new chamber is lined up with the barrel. The gun then fires. This system has various advantages and disadvantages over a pistol. First, a revolver is very mechanically simple, and there is little that can go wrong with the firing process. This means a revolver may be a good choice for self defense, especially for those who don’t clean and care for their guns as often as they should. On the down side, revolvers tend to be bulkier than pistols, heavier than pistols, and tend to hold fewer rounds. Additionally, many of the safety features available on modern pistols are not available on revolvers.

No matter which type of gun you select, be sure to handle it safely, store your gun safely, and practice firing it often. The level of responsibility and skill that the use demonstrates matter more than the specific pros and cons of the gun itself.

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