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7 Men Do Something HORRIBLE To A Teen Girl….Al Sharpton Silent…..

If these were WHITE men….it would be a media circus.

What makes the junk spewed out by race hustlers like Al Sharpton so heinous is that it’s the very definition of hypocrisy.

They all claim to be fighting for “equality,” but none of them will own up to the problems within the black community that must be addressed  in order for race relations to move forward in America. Freedom and equal treatment require personal responsibility from ALL people.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cases like the one that just unfolded in Florida involving a group of young black men drugging and viciously sexually assaulting a teenage girl, folks like Sharpton stick their head in the sand and never say a word.

WPLG News reports the 16-year-old was reported missing by school officials who said they last saw her getting into a black Ford Taurus on Dec. 4 with three other people.

The girl was then taken to several locations in northern Miami-Dade County where she was given cocaine, marijuana, pills and alcohol then forced to have sex with more than 16 men over the course of a week, police said.

“The victim was forced to have sex with up to eight men simultaneously on at least two occasions,” read one of the affidavits.

Police believe the girl was forced into the prostitution after being told she had to earn over $1,200.

The seven suspects have been identified as Cornelius Edwards, 33; Mark Evans, 38; Jerome Grace, 42; Craig Hill, 29; Branden Sands, 24; Derrick Powell, 43; and his son, Derrick Powell Jr., 18.

All seven men have been arrested and charged.

This is a pretty sick and twisted thing to do to another human being.

Where is Al Sharpton to call out these evil men for violating this young lady’s rights and enslaving her for their own financial gain and pleasure?

Shouldn’t he come out and condemn this action and demand that justice be served?

Justice is a concept that is for all people, regardless of skin color or race, and we can only hope it is served in this case. These men deserve lengthy sentences, and hopefully that will help this girl heal and live a normal life.


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Muslims Declare “Sexual Jihad,”

Muslims Declare “Sexual Jihad,” Enter The Home Of Christian Family, Take The Mother And Her Daughter, And Then Three Muslims Gang Rape Them In Front Of Her Husband

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq who are members of ISIS, are conducting what they call a Jihad marriage, also known as “sexual jihad,” and in so doing have been entering random homes, pulling out the women and raping them.

They entered the home of a Christian family and demanded they pay the Islamic tax. When they said that they did not have the money, three Muslims seized the mother and daughter and gang raped them in front of the mother’s husband. After enduring such an event, the husband committed suicide. According to one report:

In one instance, ISIS members entered the home of an Assyrian family in Mosul and demanded the poll tax (jizya). When the Assyrian family said they did not have the money, three ISIS members raped the mother and daughter in front of the husband and father. The husband and father was so traumatized that he committed suicide.

According to one witness, women “are being kidnapped from their house by the ISIS warriors and forced into what they call into a ‘jihad marriage.’”

After one woman was raped, her brother committed suicide out of guilt because he was unable to stop the rapists. As one activist explained:

In one of the cases, the woman’s brother committed suicide also because he was unable to prevent the warriors from taking his sister… In the Iraqi culture when a woman cannot be protected by her family and she is taken and raped, it becomes a source of a huge stigma and dishonor to the family.

As we read from one Mid-East writer, ISIS Muslims “kill unarmed men, kidnap children and rape women.”

The Middle East is becoming another Nanking, with Muslims raping and slaughtering everywhere they go. We will soon see rape become systematized, with hundreds of thousands of women being raped. We must take action before this happens. We must help our Christian brethren get rescued from this horror.

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Chicago Man Saves Daughter From Abduction Attempt….

It started out as a family sightseeing trip to Chicago, and ended as a nightmare when Kelly Davis chased down a man he says tried to kidnap his two-year-old daughter.

“We wanted take a nighttime adventure with our two daughters. We like to go to the city – it’s a nice place to see the tall buildings, the lights and the river,” Davis said. “And my oldest daughter loves the Picasso statue.” Davis and his children live in suburban Zion, Ill.

There is a slide at the base of the statue, which is located at Daley Plaza in the Chicago Loop. Davis said the girls were playing there when a man, who was later identified by police as James Gates, tried to grab Davis’ youngest daughter, Myla.

“We were playing on the Picasso and sliding and having fun,” Davis said. “And then I noticed that this guy was heading in our direction and his attention was focused our way.”

Davis said he wasn’t suspicious of Gates at first, but soon realized something was very wrong.

“It wasn’t too alarming because people will come up and ask for a cigarette or spare change or whatever. But as he got closer, I realized he wasn’t making eye contact with me and nothing to give me the feeling he is about to speak to me. And he gets even closer and I notice he has this fixation on my daughters.”

Davis said he put himself between his girls and the man who was closing in on them.

“I looked over and he was actually stepping up onto the statue and trying to reach around my left side and grab my daughter,” Davis said. “So I pushed him away and put my body between him and my daughter.”

Davis said his fiancee, Amanda Green, hurried the children to safety as Gates tried to attack him.

“This guy was in my face telling me that’s his daughter and her nickname is Goldilocks,” Davis said. “And I’m telling him to get the (expletive) away from my family, away from my daughter. And he’s being so persistent that it’s his daughter and trying to get through me to get to her.”

He said Gates then tried to attack him. Davis pulled back to dodge the punch, but was hit in the nose.

“The whole time I was just thinking, ‘there’s nothing this man can do to get past me to get my child,'” Davis said.

By then, a bystander had called the police.

“Then he just starts walking off, so I followed him,” Davis said. “My anger and adrenaline is running rampant.”

Davis said he followed Gates for about 25 minutes, down streets and alleyways, until the police came.

Gates was taken into custody and faces a felony charge of kidnapping with the threat of force and a misdemeanor battery charge, according to the Chicago Police Department.

David said the incident has had a lasting effect on him and his family.

“My two daughters, they’re still worried about us,” Davis said. “Myla was at the store the other day and someone came up to us and she said, ‘Bad man, bad man!’ She’s having trouble sleeping too…And I don’t think my fiancee and I are ever going to be not uptight in public.”

But in the end, Davis said he is thankful everyone is safe and hopes this incident will keep other children out of harm’s way.

“The police officers we dealt with, we’ve been so appreciative of them. I just hope that if he doesn’t plead guilty, that the jury or the judge finds him guilty based on all this information,” Davis said. “I hope he doesn’t have the opportunity to do this to anyone else.”

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