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Look for gold in North Carolina…..

Cherokee County
1….A rich ledge of Silver was worked by the Cherokee Indians located in a cave
in the Nantahia Mountains. The cave was not far from Factory Creek near Andrews.
A landslide sealed the cave, an old smelter and burned ore have been found in the area
The cave entrance has never been found.

2….Silver can be found in the Unaka Mountains near the Tenn State Line.

3….A lost silver mine is in the Snowbird Mountains between Marble and Andrews-worked in 1800’s

Swain County
1….The Cherokee Sycamore Treasure estimated to be worth over $250,000 is hidden on the
mountain West of Smokemount near the Tenn state line.

Macon County
1….Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds and other gems can be found in the foothills
of the Nantahala Mountains near Franklin.
2….The gravels beds on each side of Cowee Creek beginning at the forks of Caler Creek,
going upstream, contain Rubies and Sapphires.

Haywood County

1….A lost gold mine exsits in the Smokey Mountains on the Tenn and NC border in either
Swain or Haywood countyies. Known as the Lost Delosia Mine.

Rutherford County

1….Diamonds can be found on the old Levinthrope property near Placer
2….Diamonds can be found by the old Twitty Gold Mine at Twitty
3….From 1790 to 1840 Rutherford County was the principal gold source in the U.S.

Burke County

1….The Copper Hill lost Silver Mine is located in the area of Jonas Ridge.
2….Diamonds can be found at the Brindletown Creek Ford

Alexander County

1….Emeralds can be found at Hiddenite, 25 miles West of Salem

Cabarrus County

1….Gold has been found in Meadow Creek
a. 1873..17 lb nugget
b. 1803..28 lb nugget
c…1804..9 lb nugget
d…1835..13 1/2 lb nugget
Gold is still being found ranging from grain size to walnut size in this area.
2….Gold in Quartz can be found in the bed of the Rocky River near the old Reed’s Gold Mine

Guilford County

1….A gold mine was worked in the 1790’s 5 miles from High Point nead the Hayworth picnic
2….Gold can be found near Jamestown along the Deep River, 5 miles south of town

Richmond County
1….Gold can be found in nearly all the streams the entire length of lthe NC/SC border.

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1880..Pioneer Tent Life….OK

tent life 1880

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Historically sold directly to the US Military, and now the private sector. Started with the outdoor markets like hunting and camping.

The idea for the bands originated in WWII as a way for our soldiers and marines to carry emergency cordage into the field with them. Our guys are still using them today in Afghanistan. The cord can be unraveled to provide the wearer with about 9 feet of USA made 550 mil-spec paracord (that can be broken into individual strands for a total of about 80’ of 50lb test), to make emergency shelters, repair broken gear, tourniquets, thousands of uses.

How to choose your size:

Take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist.
Measure piece of string with a ruler or measuring tape.
Product Details
Made in the USA
Standard Black Clasp
Width of single bands are approximately 5/8”
Length of available cord varies with size of band

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Michigan fall colors…Traverse City Michigan area….

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