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SPECIAL ON detecting coils


We will have a limited number of NEL Snake Coils for the AT PRO and AT GOLD next week. This is an AMAZING new coil that will pick coins out of higher trash and even deeper than any other small coil on the market. Order today before they sell out again. They are $135 with FREE shipping. You can call Heath Jones at 256-284-2247



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Looking for Minelab coil…..

Anyone who may know someone or has a 15″x12 SEF coil, for the Sovereign GT.. Please let me know.. I’m interested in buying one… PM me if you have a possibility!!  Dave McMahon on Facebook….

Email address:

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Welcome to Gold Digger Metal Detectors

Whether you are a coin hunter, beach comber, or are searching for historical artifacts – there is an endless supply of lost treasure to be found…

Located in Raritan New Jersey and proudly selling/shipping to anywhere in the United States, Gold Digger Metal Detector Sales is your source for electronic metal detectors and treasure hunting supplies!

Gold Digger Metal Detectors was founded over a decade ago with the intention of creating a place where hobbyists could turn for proper instruction, hobby information and detecting advice. We are always striving for new ways to remain involved and on the cutting edge of metal detecting so that we can better serve our loyal customers.

Unlike other stores that hang metal detectors on their wall to supplement their income, The Gold Digger Metal Detectors is a store front that sells ONLY metal detectors, treasure hunting supplies and accessories.
We are truly a metal detector store!

Our show room, the largest in Central New Jersey, is dedicated to the treasure hunting hobby. It’s stocked with all the necessary equipment for treasure hunting — for every level of enthusiast, from the beginner up to the serious treasure hunter.

We choose only the highest quality products to ensure that they will hold up to the toughest field conditions. You will find over 45 different style sand scoops for wet and/or dry sand. We also carry over 10 different style digging tools that are virtually unbreakable. All are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

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New from The Gold Diggers of New Jersey

Introducing NEW NEL-Coils
The NEL-Coils are high performance search coils designed to be used with most major brand metal detectors.
There is great demand for search coils that are stable, sensitive and give more depth than stock search coils. We tested these coils and found them to be far superior to stock and other after market coils.
Some stock search coils do not work well in difficult ground conditions. They can be noisy and give false signals even at moderate sensitivity levels. With the NEL-Coils you will find that your machine is more stable and able to run at a higher sensitivity level.
The NEL-Coils are manufactured like no other coils on the market today. They are perfectly balanced, tuned and made to last.
There are several sizes available to suit your hunting needs:
There are two additional coils available that are not listed on our website yet (the pages are in development and will be listed very soon) nor are they mentioned in the above post: They are the “Attack” and “Storm” coils. Please note the FULL LIST we will be carrying below:
NEL Sharp: 5 inch round (13cm)
NEL Sharpshooter: 9.5″ x 5.5″ (24 cm x 14 cm)
NEL Hunter: 12.5″ x 8.5″ (31.7 cm x 22 cm)
NEL Tornado: 12″ x 13″ (30.5 cm x 33 cm)
NEL Attack: 15 inch round (38cm)
NEL Storm: 13″ x 14″ (33 cm x 35.5 cm)
NEL Big: 15″ x 17″ (38 cm x 45.7 cm)

Compared with stock search coils the NEL Tornado search coil has an average of 30% more depth on coin sized targets. The recently released NEL BIG search coil goes 50% deeper and has great coverage for searching those wide open areas.

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The Detecting Lifestyle Live Radio Broadcast…

Tomorrow night .. Sept. 24th, 2013…..8:30 PM EASTERN TIME…
The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show …..”BACK TO THE BEACH”
This show will focus on metal detecting on the beach. Discussion will center around detecting the beach in the coming fall/winter months…
Strategies, things to look for , gear, equipment protection , all topics for the upcoming winter months on the beach…
Join myself, Mr. Brian Mayer, and Mr. Ronnie DeGhetto, as we discuss various aspects of detecting the beaches in the coming months…
Join us live with ideas, stories, or any input…
Live call in # is 1-609-961-1842
Hope to have you all join us tomorrow night..
Join us live tomorrow night…….Listen to the show live through the player on the link below…
Hope to have u all join us…

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