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Huckabee Praises Obama ‘Amateur’ Book, Says Media Censoring It

Mike Huckabee says the major media are trying to censor news about the book The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.

The former presidential candidate and Arkansas governor joins a growing list of famous conservatives — including Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump — urging Americans to read the blockbuster new book The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.

They say this book could change the election result come November.

The Amateur has been at the top of the bestseller lists, and is considered the most powerful expose of Barack Obama and his administration.

Here’s what Mike Huckabee said on his top-rated cable news show:

“I want to recommend to people, if you have not read Ed’s book The Amateur, I encourage you to do so. It’s an easy read. By that I mean that he’s written it so the average reader can absorb it and appreciate it.

“It’s been such a popular book. None of the major networks is willing to have Ed on even though his book was No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list for six weeks, and has been in the top 10 for I think 16 weeks.

“It is a runaway bestseller, the hottest political book of the entire election season, and none of the networks will talk to him about it.

“You might want to find out what they’re so afraid of.

“The book is The Amateur. I hope you’ll read it if you haven’t already.”

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