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Arctic front brings heavy snow to Northern N.M…..

ALBUQUERQUE — Northern and central parts of New Mexico have been struck by an arctic front, bringing in heavy snow and causing road closures.

The Department of Transportation reported heavy snow around Chama and Tierra Amarilla on Sunday. Officials say heavy snow along Interstate 25 from Glorieta Pass to the Colorado border also forced some motorists off the road. Santa Fe officials reported multiple accidents on Interstate 25 and that part of the interstate was closed due to bad weather.

The National Weather Service reports a winter storm warning remains in effect for parts of New Mexico until early Monday.

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Balloon mishaps today…Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

POSTED AT: 8:21 am | UPDATED AT: 8:50 am

“She’s a Lady” balloon is extricated from a light pole. (Adolphe Pierre-Louis / Journal)
Power has been restored to about 2,200 customers in the North Valley, according to PNM.

The customers had no power for a little more than a half hour this morning after a balloon struck a power line.

As morning breezes pick up, several balloons are landing hard around town, according to dispatchers.

Several minor injuries have been broadcast across emergency frequencies.

At least three balloons have struck either power lines, light poles or trees this morning.
9:08am UPDATE: Another balloon hits light pole at San Mateo and Balloon Fiesta Parkway NE, according to dispatchers. No one was injured.

The ladybug-shaped balloon is called “She’s A Lady.”

Crews are working to extricate the balloon from the light pole; all occupants got out unharmed.

Around 8 this morning, another balloon hit a power line and trees near Edith Boulevard and Vineyard Road, but no one was hurt, according to a report on KOAT-TV.

PNM is reporting a power outage near 2nd and Montano NW related to an earlier balloon mishap that has left 2,226 customers without electricity.

The outage has traffic signals down at 2nd and Griegos NW.

According to PNM’s outage map, power is expected to be back on by 10:12 a.m.

8:31am: Balloon Free From Power Line; No One Hurt

Crews have extricated a hot-air balloon from a power line at Alexander and Carmony NE, and calls for an ambulance and fire truck have been canceled, according to emergency dispatch.

No one was injured in the incident.

8:21am: Balloon Stuck on Power Line

There’s a report of a hot-air balloon hung up on a power line at Alexander and Carmony NE, between Edith and Interstate 25, according to emergency dispatch.

There’s no word yet on injuries, if any.

PNM has a crew en route, and a Journal reporter is on his way to the scene and will update us as soon as information becomes available.

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Oct 6 till Oct 14…Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta…19 countries, 700 balloons

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29 Sept 12…Moon rising over the Sandia Mountains.

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Ghosts and Haunting’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque Press Club – Originally built as a family residence in 1903, it was called the Whittlesey House. Over the years it passed into various hands and at one time many of the rooms were rented to people who were convalescing from two nearby sanitariums. Today, the building serves as a nightclub and most of the phenomena are the many strange sounds heard by the staff and visitors. High heeled shoes are often heard walking across the bar and lobby areas, the piano sometimes plays of its own accord, and strange voices are sometimes heard. The apparition of a woman in a black shawl that the staff call “Mrs. M” has appeared to numerous people over the years.

The Arroyo – The Spirit of La Llorona, the weeping woman, is said to wander along this draining ditch crying and searching for her lost children. Thought to have murdered her children long ago, the legend is often told to children by their parents in order to get them to behave.

  – Allegedly there are glowing rooms that have been seen in unused portions of the hospital as well as invisible “force fields” that sometimes stop people from passing through doors and hallways. These barriers make a hissing sound when encountered. Also reported, are the sounds of sobbing, voices and heartbeats and black robed figures are seen in the darkened hallways.

Church Street Café – This 18 room hacienda, nestled in the heart of Old Town, dates back to 1709. Originally built as a residence by the Ruiz family, it was referred to as the Case de Ruiz for nearly 200 years. One of the oldest structures in the State of New Mexico , it remained in the Ruiz family until the last family member, Rufina G. Ruiz, died in 1991 at the age of 91. After Marie Coleman purchased the property and began renovations for the Church Street Café, it was found that the building continued to be inhabited by the spirit Rufina Ruiz’s mother, a woman named Sara Ruiz. Known to be a “curandera,” or healer, Sara was obviously not happy with the renovations as she once yelled at Marie when she brought in a contractor, “Get him out of here, now!” Once a contractor was finally hired, buckets began to mysteriously get kicked around. These types of antics continued until Marie began to talk to the spirit. Employees have seen Sara’s spirit in the café dressed in a long black dress and a number of customers have felt her presence.

Haunted Hill – Located at the end of Menaul Boulevard in the foothills, allegedly visitors have heard the sounds of screaming, phantom footsteps and bodies being dragged. According to the legend, an old man once lived in the caves at the top of the hills, sometimes bringing prostitutes there and killing them. Other reports tell of the apparition of an old man walking and the swinging of a lantern by unseen hands.

Kimo Theatre – The Kimo Theatre, a Pueblo Deco picture palace, was opened on September 19, 1927. No institution stands through time without something bad happening and the Kimo is no exception. In 1951, a six year old boy named Bobby Darnall was killed when the boiler in the basement exploded, demolishing part of the original lobby. It is this boy, wearing a striped shirt and blue jeans that is often seen playing on the lobby staircase. But he is also known to play numerous impish tricks, such as tripping the actors and creating a ruckus during performances. To appease the spirit, the cast hangs doughnuts on the water pipe that runs along the back wall of the theatre behind the stage.

Luna Mansion – Actually located in Los Lunas, New Mexico, a nearby suburb of Albuquerque, the Luna-Otero Mansion in is known for its great steaks, hot chili, and tantalizing deserts; but that’s not all it’s known for. It’s also renowned for its resident ghosts. In side this 1881 mansion turned restaurant, there have been many reported sightings of the ghost of Josefita Otero, who seemingly prefers the second floor bedrooms and the stairway. Other reported phenomenon includes chairs that move on their own accord and pots and pans that often heard rattling in an otherwise empty kitchen

Maria Teresa Restaurant –This beautiful old hacienda, turned restaurant dates back to 1783 when it was built by a man named Salvador Armijo. Today it has the dubious distinction of being one of New Mexico’s most haunted buildings. At least four different spirits have been seen wandering through the restaurant on various occasions. Other phenomenon includes a piano that seemingly plays of its own accord, employees who are touched by unseen hands, reflections of ghosts appearing in mirrors, unseen voices, and flatware and tables that mysteriously move on their own.

Rancho de Corrales – Not actually in Albuquerque, but about 15 miles north of the city, in Corrales, New Mexico , this gracious old hacienda was built in 1801 by Diego Montoya. The sprawling adobe home, with its thick walls and heavily timbered ceilings was, at first, a peaceful oasis surrounded by orchards. However, that all changed when the Luis and Louisa Emberto purchased the property in 1883. Some five years after they moved in, a bloody shootout occurred. It all started when Luis discovered that his wife was having an affair and moved out of the hacienda promising to return and kill both her and her lover. On April, 1898, made good on his promise and shot his wife twice.

An armed posse soon surrounded the hacienda and in the gun battle that ensued, Luis was struck down. Due to the scandalous circumstances of the couple’s death, they were not allowed a proper burial in the church cemetery and were their remains were interred across the irrigation ditch to the west of the building.

Today, the restless pair continue to make their presence known at the hacienda turned restaurant. Reported activities include items that seemingly move on their own, the sounds of disembodied voices, and the appearance of a woman in 1800’s era clothing. Others have heard the sound of midnight parties in the old hacienda.

San Pedro Library – There are said to be a number of strange occurrences in the library including lights that turn on and off of their own accord and objects that move by themselves. Additionally, at night a disembodied voice is often heard to say, “Please, come check out a book.” Others report the apparitions of children that are seen in darkened rooms.

Wool Warehouse Theater Restaurant – This building, a National Historic Landmark, was built in 1929 by prominent wool business man, Frank Bond, as his New Mexico headquarters. Designed by T. Charles Gaastra, who had recently returned from a trip to Egypt, the building prominently displays the Egyptian influence. Today the historic building is part of the Double Tree Hotel Complex. Encompassing some 5,000 square feet, the Wool Warehouse Theater Restaurant is housed on the second floor. During performances a man in a cream-colored double breasted suit has been known to have appeared on the stage. Thought to be Mr. Bond himself, the spirit seems to be pleasant and is also known to happily watch the productions from the side stage. On the other hand, the stairs behind the stage that lead to the basement, are thought to hold are more malevolent spirit. Employees have reported feeling pushed by unseen hands, something or someone that grabs their ankles, and strange noises emanating from the walls. This has frightened some to such an extent, that they refuse to go to the basement. Other paranormal activities reported are the feeling of hot and cold spots, being watched, and items that are mysteriously moved.

Xilinx Building – Today, this building serves as a technology development center, but this has not always been the case. The building once served as a mental health hospital. Today, staff report mysterious banging sounds throughout the building, groans heard in the courtyard, and whispers in the back office area. Others tell of objects that seemingly move of their own accord, and shadowy figures that are soon moving along the hallways.

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Hot Air Balloons….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Sunrise over the Sandia Mountains..Albuquerque, NM

Just a quick photo of the sunrise, the Sandia Mountains are over 1 mile above the Albuquerque City.

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Hot air balloons at the Albuquerque, NM..Balloon Fiesta

This is a link to my photobucket album of hot air balloons….

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