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First Meteor Shower of 2013 Peaks This Week…..

The first meteor shower of 2013 will kick off the year’s night sky events this week, giving stargazers a chance to ring in the New Year with a celestial fireworks display.
The Quadrantid meteor shower is an annual meteor shower every January. While this year’s “shooting star” show is not expected to outshine some of the more spectacular meteor showers of 2012, it may give stargazers with clear, dark skies a great start to the New Year.
“Those who brave the cold might see up to 40 meteors per hour, although moonlight will make faint meteors harder to spot,” officials with the Hubble Space Telescope explained in a January skywatching video guide.
The waning gibbous moon will be out in full force during the shower’s peak, but skywatchers in dark areas of the Northern Hemisphere during the wee hours of Thursday morning might still get a decent show.

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New Mexico licenses won’t work in airports under federal law…

SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) – New Mexico’s policy of granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants will violate a federal law taking effect in January, meaning residents won’t be able to use their licenses as ID to board airplanes, the state’s governor says.
“It’s deeply concerning that New Mexicans who work at our labs, get on an airplane, or need to show identification at any other federal facility will no longer be able to use their driver’s license to do so,” New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said in a statement.
States have until Monday to tell the federal government whether they plan to comply with the federal Real ID Act, which is scheduled to go into effect January 15 after several delays in implementation since it was passed in 2005. The law creates national standards for the issuance of state driver’s licenses and identification cards.

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Young Americans ‘Paying the Price’ for Poor Economy

Politicians on both sides of the aisle might heed a new survey showing that nine in 10 young adults say the poor economy negatively impacts their life, and just 38 percent believe today’s leaders represent their interests.

Why pay attention? Because the poll by Generation Opportunity also disclosed that 76 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 plan to vote in the presidential election.

“These numbers should put elected leaders on notice. What you see is a very pointed story of the impact the failed policies coming out of the White House over the course of the last three years are having on the daily lives and the long-term plans of young Americans,” said Paul T. Conway, president of Generation Opportunity and former chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Labor.

“Frankly, it is not a pretty picture — millions of young Americans are paying the price, in a very personal way, for failed leadership and failed policies.

“Millennials are savvy. They know national policies have personal impact — they feel it first-hand. So it is no surprise that so few believe their interests are being represented in Washington, and it is no surprise that they plan to make their voices heard this November.”

In the poll of more than 1,000 young adults conducted at the end of July, 89 percent of respondents said the poor economy is negatively impacting their life.

Among those impacted young people, 51 percent reduced their entertainment budget, 40 percent skipped a vacation, 38 percent drove less, 27 percent sold personal property including electronic appliances and cars, 17 percent skipped a wedding, family reunion, or other significant social event, and 26 percent moved in with their family, took extra roommates, or moved to a “downgraded” house or apartment.

The survey also revealed that 84 percent of respondents had planned to make a major life change but now might delay or not make it at all due to the current economy.

Among the changes cited: buying their own place (38 percent will not make the change), starting a family (31 percent), paying off student loans or other debt (26 percent), saving for retirement (25 percent), and getting married (23 percent).

Generation Opportunity is a nonpartisan organization that seeks to engage and mobilize young Americans on the important issues facing the nation.

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CBO: Deep recession likely for first half of 2013 if Congress goes over the fiscal cliff

The nation would be plunged into a deep recession during the first half of next year if Congress fails to avert nearly $500 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts set to hit in January, congressional budget analysts said Wednesday.

The massive round of New Year’s belt-tightening – variously known as the fiscal cliff or Taxmageddon – would disrupt recent economic progress, push the unemployment rate back up to 9.1 percent by the end of 2013 and cause economic conditions “that will probably be considered a recession,” the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said.

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