Newest One Hour Parking Radio Shows

Click the link to listen to the listed shows below….


Daylight Savings Time Sucks, Make a F@#$’ing EFFORT, and the New Walking Dead Episode

Join in as we rip into DayLight Savings Time and it’s nonsense… Slam Lazy F@#$’s, and scream on about how great the new Walking Dead Episode was!!!  Actually it was AWESOME!!!


The Fallacy of Autumn, The Truth about Family, and Masturbation and Sex VS. The Religious Rules

Join us as we discuss why celebrating Autumn is all wrong… WAKE THE F@#$ UP PEOPLE, IT LEADS TO THE HORROR OF WINTER!!!  The wrong of believing family gives a f@#$, and the debate between whats wrong with masturbation and pre-marital sex.. If you wanna laugh your ass off, and hear us speak the “Gospel Truth”, then listen in one and ALL!!!


Aggravating Whistling, Aunt B’s Boobies, Alien Talk, and the Truth that Life sucks

A hodgepodge of discussion here, too difficult to even try to pin down… HAHAHAHA!!!

But you’ll enjoy it, as One Hour Parking again speaks the “Gospel Truth”!!!


Facebook Crybabies, BS Bullying, and F@#$ Hollywood and Professional Sports

Join us as we go on a major rant against all kinds of bulls@#%… Too many to list here… Just know it’s a good one folks… Typical One Hour Parking style!!!


Halloween, Gangster Voices, Picking up Women, and BIG BOOBIES!!!

Halloween, Gangster Voices, Picking up Women, and BIG BOOBIES!!!

Join us as we explode into Halloween, Gangster Voice imitations, and discussions on how to pick up women; for you lonely men out there…AND BIG BOOBIES TALK!!!  YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS ONE FOLKS!!!


F@#$ Talk Radio, Late Night TV, Vaping BS, and Hypocrites

Join the One Hour Parking gang as they assault talk radio, late night, and Vaping and Ethical Hypocrites!!! You’ll like it, f@#$’ing trust me!!!


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