Ohio Ghost Towns and Legends…Van Wert, Paulding, Putnam and Mercer county


Ohio…Van Wert County


1…Sport..in the Northwest corner of the county, 2 miles Northeast of Dixon
2…Hoaglin..4 miles East of Cavett
3…Wetsel..5 miles West of Ottoville
4…Richey..on the railroad, 3 miles Southeast of Convoy
5…Watt..near the state line, 3 miles North of Wren
6…Frances..4 miles East Southeast of Wren
7…Glenmore..on the railroad, 3 miles Northeast of Willshire
8…Dull..2 1/2 miles West of Ohio City
9…Jonestown aka Tokio, 5 miles East of Ohio City

Treasure Legend

1…In the early 1920’s, a man anamed Swartz or Schultz, sold his farm for $12,500 and moved into living quarters
behind the livery stable in Van Wert where he took a job. In 1923 he removed $11,000 from the bank and buried it
somewhere around his house. He was killed in an accident and even though his sister searched, the money was not
Paulding County


1…Link..in the Northwest corner of the county, 4 miles North of Antwerp
2…Knoxdale..on the railroad, 2 1/2 miles West of Cecil
3…Worstville..2 1/2 miles East of Payne
4…Baldwin..on the state line, 1 1/2 miles West if McGill
5…Dague..2 miles due South of Latty
6…Charloe..5 miles South of Junction
7…Giauque..5 miles due South of Junction
8…Goodwin..2 miles due West of Melrose

1…Indian relics and artifacts have been found along the Maumee River.
2…Indian relics and artifacts have been found all along the Auglaize River in this county


1…North Creek..near county line, 3 miles due North of Kieferman
2…Wards..2 1/2 miles East of Miller City
3…Townwood..near the county line, 4 miles East of Leipsic
4…Crawfish College..3 miles East of Ottawa
5…Muntanna..5 miles due North of Fort Jennings
6…Rushmore..1 1/2 miles West of Rimer
7…Jones City..1 1/2 miles Southwest of Vaughnsville


1…John Dillinger is reported to have buried a large amount of currency, negotiable bonds,jewelry and gold on a farm
near Leispic on Hwy .65. The hoard is estimated to be worth up to $1 1/2 Million. Dillinger, Russell Clark, John “three
fingered Jack”, Harry Pierpont and Harryr Makely, used the farm as a hideout on several occasions. Opinions differ as to who
owned the farm.
a. “Ma” Pierpont, mother of Harry
b. The mother of Lester Gillis (Baby faced Nelson)
c. “Ma” Hamilton, mother of John
Suggested search areas:
a. The cow pasture where the gang had a dugout
b. The barnyard where a second dugout was located
c. The old orchard on the property
d. The farmhouse
The property was searched by the FBI when Dillinger was killed but did not find anything.


1…Hinton..6 miles due West of Mercer
2…Stedcke..2 1/2 miles Southwest of Tama
3…Skeels Crossroads..near state line, 2 miles Northwest of Wabash
4…Padua..3 miles Southwest of Wabash
5…Erastus..4 miles West Northwest of Coldwater
6…Wendelin..4 miles East of Fort Recovery
Fort Recovery was on the left bank of the Wabash River near the present town of Fort Recovery..built in 1793
7…Violet..4 miles North Northwest of Burdettsville
8…Sebastian..2 miles due West of Chicasaw
9…Cranberry Prairie..2 miles Southwest of Cassella


1…An Army payroll was buried near Fort Recovery when a battle took place between the whites and indians in 1794
It was buried for protection from falling into the hands of the Indians but never recovered after the battle

A more indepth search of local records will give a more exact location of all the above ghost towns and events.
This will give you not only some research to do but detecting as well…Happy Hunting..


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21 thoughts on “Ohio Ghost Towns and Legends…Van Wert, Paulding, Putnam and Mercer county

  1. Kurt Warble-Fahlsing

    Very interesting. My boyfriend, Johnny, and I are familiar with a number of these ghost towns as we are from nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana and often check out old ghost towns in the area. Once we start plowing through these old, dark, empty holes, there is really a lot of history that can be learned.

    • If there are any more counties in Ohio you would like info on for Ghost Towns and/or Treasure Legends, let me know…have complete listings in my archives for all the States and Counties.

  2. Mercer_Countian

    The authors definition of ghost town must be different than mine. Cranberry Prairie, Sebastian, and Wendelin in Mercer County are small but not deserted. Each of these has a Catholic church and approx. 20-25 homes in town. Wendelin even has a Tavern. I doubt any of these towns were ever bigger (population wise) than what they are today. Oh and number 7 is Burkettsville not Burdettsville. An actual ghost town in Mercer county that didn’t make the list is Steineman’s Station. Located a few miles south of Maria Stein just north of the Darke-Mercer border on St. Rt. 716 and Indian Trail Road.

  3. I’d like some ghost stories legends – like some road in Auglaize Conty where the Virgin Mary appears in the fog, Rockabye Baby Curve on Rte 66 in Auglaize County, Dead Man’s Curve, things like that

  4. My grandmother lived along the railroad in Knoxville..It was part of the Black Swamp area,and as kids we always found shells of all kinds,and grandma had two kinds of water,White Sulphur,which was drinkable,and smelled not so good,and Black Sulphur,which was black and smelled nasty..And not so drinkable..We had lots of mollusk shells in our collection,as kids..The railroad ran right by her property,and it was so cool to see the train going by so slow…But that was back in the 1960″s,and has since been unused..The house is gone,and a landing strip lies where the once fertile fields used to be..All that’s left are memories and pictures..So sad time marches on,and so much interesting stuff gets left behind..:(

    • Aaron Pogue

      Are you referring to Knoxdale in Paulding County, Sandy? If so, I’d like to talk with you.

      • Yes, the old railroad camp/town called Knoxdale in Paulding County. Railroad camps were located every 3 miles down the line, once you find one, it is easy to go up or down the tracks to the next ones.

  5. T

    Charloe in Paulding Co. Is still there. It has one of the biggest manufactures of EMS and fire gear. R & B Manufacturing.

    • Many towns moved. The location given if for the original location.

      • Nathaniel

        Charloe is the original location bc where the park is is where the Charloe Indian tribe actually lived. I have lived there my entire life and so has my dad & my Grandparents. There is a plaque there at the park dedicated to the tribe & many artifacts can still be found all over the area. Pottery, arrowheads & such.

  6. Nathaniel

    I’m actually from Charloe. Still quite a few people that live here. We have a factory, gas station, park & ice cream place. Wouldn’t really call it a ghost town. It’s just a small village where the Charloe Indians used to have there tribe. And technically the land (if any of the tribe were still alive) is owned by the tribe & can be taken back at anytime.

    • Mike Speiser

      There are different types of ghost towns and Charloe would fall into the category of a semi- ghost town. I have metal detected there many many times over the years and have recovered lots of relics and coins.

  7. Sara

    The graveyard in Newville.

  8. The picture that you have above is the old jail in. san Toy Ohio in Perry County which you did not mention here. It is in Southern Ohio. My Mother was born and raised there. It was a coal mine town. My Mother had done stories to tell of this place. Use to go here as kid quite often with my family roam the hills see the old jail and remnants of the town.

  9. The picture of above is the old jail in SAN TOY, Ohio Perry County. My Mother was born and raised in SAN Toy. It use to be a Coal Mine town. Use to go here quite often as a kid with my family hike the hills
    See the old remnants of the town. My Mother had the stories to tell about this place.

    • Just one of the many photos I have…added it for effect…thanks for the location info…

      • I’m sorry I did not realize my comments were posted twice I thought one did not go through. Your welcome about the picture. If you would like more information about the town I would be glad to tell you what I know. There are very few people living there. I was there about a year ago. Thanks

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