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Ron Guinazzo aka “Chicago Ron”…Some of his highlight finds

Ron Guinazzo…aka Chicago Ron and his wall of fame finds.



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Featured finds this week…Mike Contino, Terry Barnhart, Dave McMahon, Howard Whittaker


1818 Caped Bust…caped bust



Did an afterwork door knock at an old farm with Hollis Gaskill. Got 4 wheats 1909, 1913, 1914, 1919 and 3 silver. 1939 dog tag and a gold plated cuff link.



Dave McMahon

Tonight was worth going out.. Got a ton of Indians digging.. But never got a fatty!! Until tonight that is !!!
Finally !!



Harold Whittaker

Got out today to the old farm pond. Dove under the rope swing today. 15 feet deep and 2 foot of visibility. Got 2 silver dimes, 5 wheat cents, a chain that tests 14K on my tester and some clad.

h1 h2

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Friday Night is Hot on The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show

Tonight…. Friday May 30th, 2014… 8:30 PM EASTERN TIME..
Join us tonight folks, for the soothing sounds of the Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show…. HAHAHAHA …
But seriously, join us tonight as we have on two great guests..
Mr. Darwin Gillespie and Mr. Chuck Smalley, and discuss the ins and outs, and various topics surrounding the hobby/lifestyle of metal detecting!!!
These gentlemen are passionate and super involved in the hobby/lifestyle, and a lot can be learned from them!!
Join us LIVE. Give us a call to talk , throw questions, or just to say hi…
Call in number is 1-609-961-1842
Click the link below to listen live through the player!!!
Don’t miss another great episode of the Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show folks!!
Make sure you pay attention tonight folks, I may be having “something” to say of interest to you all!!

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Treasures of America…Re-broadcast of previous show…The 7 Cities of Gold

Tomorrow morning.. Friday May 30th, 2014….8:30AM EASTERN TIME..
Check out Lost Treasures of America with Dennis O’Connor.. And talking on the LOST CITY OF GOLD!!
This is a REBROADCASTED SHOW folks from last year.. With great info!!
Click the link below to listen to the show through the player tomorrow morning…

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Outlaw Al Jennings’ pistol going up for auction….


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A pistol and other possessions belonging to a one-time Old West outlaw who later ran for governor of Oklahoma and became an actor are going up for auction next month.


The .45 Colt revolver owned by infamous outlaw Alphonzo “Al” J. Jennings could go for as much as $30,000 during an auction June 5 in Woodward, said Ira Smith, auctioneer with Smith & Co. Auction and Reality Inc.

Jennings was born in Virginia in 1863 and moved to El Reno, Oklahoma, where he became the prosecuting attorney for Canadian County, according to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

In 1895, he joined his two brothers in a law practice in Woodward. Later that year, one brother was killed and another wounded in a shootout with a rival attorney. Jennings later formed an outlaw band that attempted to rob trains and general stores before he was captured and sentenced to life in prison.

One of his brothers got his sentence reduced, and Jennings was released just a few years later. He ran unsuccessfully for Oklahoma governor in 1914 and then moved to California, where he appeared in at least two westerns before dying in 1961.

“Al Jennings is probably one of the most enigmatic characters in Oklahoma history,” Oklahoma Historical Society executive director Bob Blackburn said. “He was a potential candidate for governor, so he had a professional side to him — an ambition to be accepted by the community — and at the same time, he had this urge to get rich quick. He was not successful at either one.”

Blackburn said Jennings was probably most successful at getting into the movie business.

After Jennings’ death, his possessions, including the pistol, trickled down through family members, who have now decided to put up the items at a public auction.

Other items include a picture of Jennings attending Wyatt Earp’s funeral, a poster from his failed attempt to become governor and a book signed by President Harry Truman, said Karen Rampy, Jennings’ great-great niece.

The auction will be streamed online, too, Smith said.

“It’s hard to put a value on this thing, but in my mind — which I’ve been in this business 32 years so I’ve watched this happen before — that gun could easily bring $20,000 to $30,000. You never know at a public auction,” he said.



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Triple Amputee Veteran Hammers Our Inept Commander In Chief In His Powerful Memorial Day Letter…


President Obama,

On this Memorial Day I can’t help but think of the many veterans who have given their lives to protect the freedoms that we all enjoy today, and quite frankly one that so many Americans take for granted. As you’re playing your 165th round of golf this weekend you can count on our warriors to protect you and to protect this great nation.

From the Civil War to the wars in the deserts of the Middle East, our brave men and women have given their lives for freedoms that can only be found in America.  Generations of selfless Americans have stepped up to fight for a  cause greater than themselves. Freedom is never free, and the price of our freedom has been paid with the blood of our finest Americans. Your daughters  have been fortunate enough to reap the freedoms that so many have sacrificed their lives for. Without these heroes you would have never have had the opportunity to become the President of this great nation.

Sadly, the men and women who have volunteered to fight the in the most extreme conditions in the world are coming back only to find themselves engaged in a new war at home. They have now found themselves in a war with your incompetent administration, who’s scandal ridden legacy has finally hit an all-time low. I can’t help but feel the deepest disgust for the pain you and your administration have caused the families who have lost their heroes battling your war against our veterans back home.  I can’t think of more shameless way to for this country to dishonor its veterans.  And sadly, it’s the lack of your leadership and accountability that lead to these failures.

These men and women who bravely fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars have been forced to rely on your useless bureaucratic employees for their health care. These federal employees disrespected these men and women and the sacrifices they have made in the worst imaginable way. They ignored their pleas for help and in many cases left them to die in favor of hefty government bonuses for exceptional performance. We all know you and your regime doesn’t give a damn about these heroes. Your disdain for America and her greatness has never been a secret. You were raised to hate the “American Empire” and were taught that the American military is the enemy. It was easier for you to just ignore the Veteran Affairs crisis as you crisscrossed America fundraising for your fellow Democrats.

I remember candidate Obama promising to overhaul the VA and reduce the backlog.  You claimed that America’s support for its veterans is obvious by the way we treat our vets. You really nailed that one didn’t you?

Just like you were going to fix Detroit or fix foreign policy.  Your high school like approach to solving complex issues can’t be fixed by tweeting hashtags with propaganda to people who want to kill us. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see you’re unfit to lead our nation, let alone act as our Commander In Chief.  What our country needs now, more than ever is real leadership, someone who doesn’t wait for a crisis, but is able to foresee an issue and deal with it before it happens. Unfortunately for America, you’ve been too busy campaigning and don’t have time to deal with the health care crisis of our veterans. The only thing you seem to care about is your own radical agenda, and now our vets are paying for your negligence with their lives.

As I sit here typing this out I’m dealing with my own VA nightmare which involves the Phoenix VA.  I have given 3 limbs for this country, but apparently that is not enough.  A “clerical error” made by a VA employee has resulted in nearly a year of abuse and mismanagement of my case. In other words, the VA is stealing over $7000 from my disability compensation that I earned when I lost 3 of my limbs for our country.

On this Memorial Day, as I battle your incompetent bureaucrats my family would like to thank you for once again failing our veterans. We can’t help but wonder about the disastrous socialized medicine program that we will surely be dealing with if Obamacare is allowed to be fully implemented. If our incompetent VA cannot handle government healthcare for a fraction of our population, who would be foolish enough to believe a massive health care system designed to provide health care for all American’s would be any different?  You can’t even find someone to build a competent website to work for your socialized medicine program when you had your name attached to it, so why would you care about our veterans when you could so easily push the blame off on someone else?

You have not only failed our veterans, you have failed America in every way imaginable.  You have purposely divided us by race, political parties, and socioeconomic status in order to push a radical agenda on America that can only be passed when you have successfully divided all Americans. Your entire administration is incompetent and you have set America on a path for certain failure.

So, on this Memorial Day, as we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, I’d like to thank you, our Commander In Chief for not even caring enough to provide us with quality health care.

Brian Kolfage, Sra, USAF Ret.


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Ghost Town and Legends…New York, Erie County


New York…Erie County
1…East Clarence..3 miles East of Clarence Center
2…Akron Junction..2 1/2 miles West of Akron
3…Pavement..3 miles East of Lancaster
4…Alden Station..1 mile North of Alden
5…Colegrove..3 miles Southeast of Aurora
6…Clarksburg..on the South branch of 18 mile creek, 4 miles Southeast of Eden
7…Fenton..1 1/2 miles East Southeast of Brant
8…Iroquois..just across the county line from Versailles
9…Wyandale..2 miles Southeast of New Oregon
10..Concord..4 miles Southeast of New Oregon
1…Shortly after the fall of Quebec to the British, 2 French vessels sailed into the small bay formed by Burnt Ship
    Creek that seperates Buckhorn and Grand Islands. The ships were set fire and abandoned, both carried war material and a paychest.
2…In 1880, hunters fournd 150 gold coins and 1400 silver and copper coins dated 1537 on Grand Island. More is believed to be hidden somewhere on the Island
3…An old motel located along the old Falls Road on or near Tonawanda was used in the 1930’s as a bootleg exchange.
    Money is reported to be buried around or near the circle drive of the motel. Checking old records may help to pinpoint the exact location of this motel.
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Ohio Ghost Towns and Legends…Van Wert, Paulding, Putnam and Mercer county


Ohio…Van Wert County


1… the Northwest corner of the county, 2 miles Northeast of Dixon
2…Hoaglin..4 miles East of Cavett
3…Wetsel..5 miles West of Ottoville
4…Richey..on the railroad, 3 miles Southeast of Convoy
5…Watt..near the state line, 3 miles North of Wren
6…Frances..4 miles East Southeast of Wren
7…Glenmore..on the railroad, 3 miles Northeast of Willshire
8…Dull..2 1/2 miles West of Ohio City
9…Jonestown aka Tokio, 5 miles East of Ohio City

Treasure Legend

1…In the early 1920’s, a man anamed Swartz or Schultz, sold his farm for $12,500 and moved into living quarters
behind the livery stable in Van Wert where he took a job. In 1923 he removed $11,000 from the bank and buried it
somewhere around his house. He was killed in an accident and even though his sister searched, the money was not
Paulding County


1… the Northwest corner of the county, 4 miles North of Antwerp
2…Knoxdale..on the railroad, 2 1/2 miles West of Cecil
3…Worstville..2 1/2 miles East of Payne
4…Baldwin..on the state line, 1 1/2 miles West if McGill
5…Dague..2 miles due South of Latty
6…Charloe..5 miles South of Junction
7…Giauque..5 miles due South of Junction
8…Goodwin..2 miles due West of Melrose

1…Indian relics and artifacts have been found along the Maumee River.
2…Indian relics and artifacts have been found all along the Auglaize River in this county


1…North Creek..near county line, 3 miles due North of Kieferman
2…Wards..2 1/2 miles East of Miller City
3…Townwood..near the county line, 4 miles East of Leipsic
4…Crawfish College..3 miles East of Ottawa
5…Muntanna..5 miles due North of Fort Jennings
6…Rushmore..1 1/2 miles West of Rimer
7…Jones City..1 1/2 miles Southwest of Vaughnsville


1…John Dillinger is reported to have buried a large amount of currency, negotiable bonds,jewelry and gold on a farm
near Leispic on Hwy .65. The hoard is estimated to be worth up to $1 1/2 Million. Dillinger, Russell Clark, John “three
fingered Jack”, Harry Pierpont and Harryr Makely, used the farm as a hideout on several occasions. Opinions differ as to who
owned the farm.
a. “Ma” Pierpont, mother of Harry
b. The mother of Lester Gillis (Baby faced Nelson)
c. “Ma” Hamilton, mother of John
Suggested search areas:
a. The cow pasture where the gang had a dugout
b. The barnyard where a second dugout was located
c. The old orchard on the property
d. The farmhouse
The property was searched by the FBI when Dillinger was killed but did not find anything.


1…Hinton..6 miles due West of Mercer
2…Stedcke..2 1/2 miles Southwest of Tama
3…Skeels Crossroads..near state line, 2 miles Northwest of Wabash
4…Padua..3 miles Southwest of Wabash
5…Erastus..4 miles West Northwest of Coldwater
6…Wendelin..4 miles East of Fort Recovery
Fort Recovery was on the left bank of the Wabash River near the present town of Fort Recovery..built in 1793
7…Violet..4 miles North Northwest of Burdettsville
8…Sebastian..2 miles due West of Chicasaw
9…Cranberry Prairie..2 miles Southwest of Cassella


1…An Army payroll was buried near Fort Recovery when a battle took place between the whites and indians in 1794
It was buried for protection from falling into the hands of the Indians but never recovered after the battle

A more indepth search of local records will give a more exact location of all the above ghost towns and events.
This will give you not only some research to do but detecting as well…Happy Hunting..


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The Detecting Lifestyle…Radio Show..Lost treasures of America..Tonight May 25th…


Tonight Sunday, May 25, 2014… 9:00 PM Eastern time…
A previous show Deniis hosted!!
Great info, especially for those in the Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio areas..
Focus on treasure legends, and other areas also of treasure lure and information!!
Classic Old School Detecting Lifestyle Network Radio!!
Click the link broke to listen through the player tonight!!

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Lost City….Lion City of Quiandao Lake, China


No doubt we’ve all heard of the legend of Atlantis, the ancient, once great city that was lost when the ocean submerged it.

To this day the legendary city has yet to be found (or proven to have ever existed) yet over the years many other underwater cities have been found, each of them as eerie as they are mind blowing.

At the foot of Wu Shi Mountain (or “Five Lion” Mountain) lies an ancient city known as Shi Cheng (“Lion City”). It was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25 – 200) and was first set up as a county in AD 208. This city acquired the name “Shi Cheng” from nearby Wu Shi Mountain, which is located just behind the city. At present Shi Cheng remains undisturbed at a depth of 26-40m. Big Blue, a dive operator based in Shanghai,runs year-round weekend trips twice a month to Qiandao Lake and has begun exploration of this submerged city.


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