200-300 Phony Obama Citizenship Investigation Kits Handed Out on Capital Hill.

Time to Fess Up, Or Join Him in Prison. NOW its Getting FUN!



It’s also time to end the terms of a lot of Senate and Congressman who have been complicate in this charade from the beginning.

The day of reckoning has finally come I believe and I’m sure Mike Zullo gave all 200-300 he paid a visit to this week a very short deadline to make their decisions. It’s going to get really HOT in DC very soon!

How cool would it be to have Obama in an orange jump suit by Christmas waiting for the execution that will inevitably be pardoned?


As the article states, Sheriff Arpaio’s team handed out between 200-300 evidence kits this week between members of the Senate, House, and others in government who knew Obama was never eligible for office. The FBI Lab that analyzed his “Real” Birth Certificate came to the professional conclusion whichever incompetent boob had that job, they could have replaced with a 5 year old, and box of Crayola’s to forge the document. It was THAT bad.

Keep in mind I can’t say for sure which Birth Certificate because just recently it was discovered the gang over at Team O somehow submitted THREE DIFFERENT versions of his birth certificate in Alabama when he filed to run for President. Real bright guys. Real bright. Do yourself a favor! If you are still using the term “Birther” in your vocabulary… LOSE IT. You sound like a total fool. THE GIG IS UP!!!! Make sure you REALLY hear the irony in all of this too! Sheriff Arpaio, and his team of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS began the Obama Birth Certificate issue NOT to prove Obama was a fraud. They wanted to shut up the “Birthers” once and for all… but IMMEDIATELY it became clear to them… forging documents is yet another in a LONG list of items Obama is incompetent in.


This wave of Sheriff’s Kits is swamping the government in Washington. It’s significant because the “Kits” that are out there, sitting in all these offices, being worked on, investigated and examined… in each damn office of the Senate and Congress halls… put the ONUS ON THE OFFICIALS TO FINALLY DO THEIR JOB; which is to serve justice and the truth.

Government officals have a duty to follow the truth and the law; that’s often forgotten and considered a detail… mostly they don’t do that though, and they just act upon partisan lines of “helping their own”. Lawlessness and Injustice are the reasons they’re in office. It’s a pity. Now they’ll be forced to act as if they obeyed the law.

Government officials can be jailed on not acting.

Steve Stockman for example, has been alone it seems, in dealing with the matter of the birth issue. But this suddenly puts him out there up in front, with all eyes upon him from his collegues, who are suddenly just as informed about the case as himself.

Unless Stockman acts now or unless it’s the others who act, they’ll be guilty of “COMPLICITY OF CRIMES”. Other crimes they come under the description of are several: omission, accessory, aiding and abetting, etc… so what we now have is that AT LEAST 200 PEOPLE have personally received Sheriff’s Kits inside the Senate and Congress buildings (in front of witnesses and who were filmed/photographed in each case) and they can all face STEEP CRIMINAL CHARGES unless they act upon the facts presented to them by the Sheriff’s Kits which contain the facts of a criminal investigation; the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse.

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