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Treasury will exhaust emergency borrowing measures “no later than” Oct. 17….

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warrned congressional leaders Wednesday that he will exhaust emergency borrowing measures “no later than Oct. 17,” leaving him with less than $30 billion on hand to pay the nation’s bills. In a letter sent to all members of Congress, Lew urged immediate action to raise the federal debt limit, which now stands at $16.7 trillion. Without additional borrowing authority, Lew warned that cash on hand “would be far short of net expenditures on certain days, which can be as high as $60 billion.

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The Detecting Lifestyle Live Radio Broadcast…

Tomorrow night .. Sept. 24th, 2013…..8:30 PM EASTERN TIME…
The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show …..”BACK TO THE BEACH”
This show will focus on metal detecting on the beach. Discussion will center around detecting the beach in the coming fall/winter months…
Strategies, things to look for , gear, equipment protection , all topics for the upcoming winter months on the beach…
Join myself, Mr. Brian Mayer, and Mr. Ronnie DeGhetto, as we discuss various aspects of detecting the beaches in the coming months…
Join us live with ideas, stories, or any input…
Live call in # is 1-609-961-1842
Hope to have you all join us tomorrow night..
Join us live tomorrow night…….Listen to the show live through the player on the link below…
Hope to have u all join us…

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Gold Claims available in OK…

Site Name : Parker Prospect
State : Oklahoma
County : Comanche
Latitude : 34.70204
Longitude : -98.62229
Year Discovered : 1907
Years in Production : 1902-1912?
Operation Type : Unknown
Deposit Type : Hydrothermal Vein
Production Size : S
Development Status : Past Producer
Primary Commodities : Lead, Copper
Secondary Commodities : Silver
Other Commodities : Zinc, Gold

Site Name : Wolf Ridge Prospect
State : Oklahoma
County : Garvin
Latitude : 34.82789
Longitude : -97.23309
Year Discovered : 1972
Years in Production :
Operation Type : Unknown
Deposit Type :
Production Size : N
Development Status : Occurrence
Primary Commodities : Copper
Secondary Commodities : Silver
Other Commodities : Gold

Site Name : Paden Southwest
State : Oklahoma
County : Okfuskee
Latitude : 35.46731
Longitude : -96.61168
Year Discovered : 1925
Years in Production : 1925-1934
Operation Type : Unknown
Deposit Type :
Production Size : S
Development Status : Past Producer
Primary Commodities : Copper
Secondary Commodities : Silver
Other Commodities : Gold

Site Name : Burwell Prospect
State : Oklahoma
County : Payne
Latitude : 36.19091
Longitude : -96.96336
Year Discovered : 1901
Years in Production :
Operation Type : Unknown
Deposit Type :
Production Size : S
Development Status : Past Producer
Primary Commodities : Copper
Secondary Commodities : Silver
Other Commodities : Gold

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A Sarmatian burial mound excavated this summer in Russia’s Southern Ural steppes has yielded a magnificent but unusual treasure.
The artefacts contained within the mound are helping to shed light on a little-known period of the nomadic culture that flourished on the Eurasian steppe in the 1st millennium BC.
The archaeological study of this remarkable ancient tomb, or kurgan, was carried out by the expedition of the Institute of Archaeology (Russian Academy of Sciences), led by Professor Leonid T. Yablonsky.
Under the eastern mound an undisturbed burial chamber was discovered measuring approximately 4x5m and 4m deep. At the bottom of the chamber several stratified layers of debris were excavated to reveal exceptionally rich and varied grave goods accompanying a human skeleton. The material associated with the burial seemed to belong to a woman as it contained what is regarded as representing typically female artefacts and jewellery. However, initial osteological examination of the skeletal morphology revealed the occupant of the burial to be male; though DNA-analysis is still to be carried out.
A small wicker chest that is thought to be a vanity case was found near the skull. It was filled to the brim with items including a cast silver container with a lid, a gold pectoral, a wooden box, cages, glass, silver and earthenware bathroom flasks, leather pouches, and horse teeth that contained red pigments.

Nearby lay a large silver mirror with gilded stylized animals on the handle and embossed decoration on the back with the image of an eagle in the centre, surrounded by a procession of six winged bulls.
The garments were decorated with several plaques, depicting flowers, rosettes and a panther leaping on a saiga’s (antelope) back. There were also 395 pressed pieces of gold leaf sewn onto the breeches, shirt and scarf. A fringed shawl was held together with a golden chain and the sleeves of the shirt were embellished with multicoloured beads, forming a complex geometric pattern. Two cast gold earrings decorated in places with cloisonné enamel were found in the area of the temporal bones.

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EUROPE — Detectorists find WWII Treasure buried in forest…

I must confess I envy those guys with enough time to wander the woods and the beaches with their metal detectors. Even if they’re not actually treasure-hunting, these fellows often find amazing pieces with historic value which end up in museums or make awesome memorabilia of times past.

However, finding a WWII motorcycle buried in the woods is no everyday treat. Unfortunately there’s no info as of where was this machine found, but we’re looking at a bike which may be as old as 80 years old.

According to web resources, I’d say this is either a Red October (Krasnyi Oktyabr) L-300 machine, or the original DKW Luxus 300 the Russians got their “inspiration” from. If any of you has enough expertise to pinpoint the origin of the bike, please share your mighty knowledge with us!

As far as history has things, DKW had licensed the production of the Luxus 300 to the Russians, and they started building their own version in a plant in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg), funnily adding that the L stood for the city’s name.

The L-300 got the Krasnyi Oktyabr brand name but at the same time taking a plunge in performance, because of the very lousy gas Russia was using. What started up as an elegant German two-wheeler, ended up with a 25% weaker engine (around 6 HP). Production moved to an Izh plant, as the Tremass and Promet plants could not make these bikes in sufficient numbers.

Now, seeing this machine properly id’d and restored would indeed be terrific!

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Historic Gold coins hoard returns to Carrick….

The 17th century hoard of gold coins discovered in Cooney’s Pub in Carrick-on-Suir in January will go on public display in the town’s Ormond Castle this Sunday between 12 noon and 5pm.

A series of free family events will take place around the castle throughout the afternoon to celebrate the first exhibition of the 81 coins outside the National Museum.

Visitors will enjoy a “living history” meet and greet with Black Tom Butler and Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald, a coin minting demonstration and a display and discussions about the price of war, food and what Carrick-on-Suir was like in the 17th Century.

Coin making and hairdressing are among the activities for kids planned. After Ormond Castle, the coins will be displayed in South Tipperary County Museum, Clonmel from September 17 to October 17.
gold pub

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Interesting history on ancient Roman mining Technology:

One problem these old miners faced was pumping water out of mines once they dug below the water table. The reverse overshot water wheels were the solution.
The Romans dewatered the mines using several kinds of machine, especially reverse overshot water-wheels. These were used extensively in the copper mines at Rio Tinto in Spain, where one sequence comprised 16 such wheels arranged in pairs, and lifting water about 80 feet. They were worked as treadmills with miners standing on the top slats. Many examples of such devices have been found in old Roman mines and some examples are now preserved in the British Museum and the National Museum of Wales.

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Thought provoking video….only 7 min long

Everyone should watch this video and ask yourself the same question he asks at the end of it…..

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Play FREE slots….Link below picture…

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The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show…Tonight!!

Join us tonight, when we are joined by a special guest ,
Melissa Salzinger, from Minelab Americas….
We will also be joined by Mr. Ronnie DeGhetto, of Golddigger Metal Detector Sales, and Mr. Chicago Ron Guinazzo..
This will be an extremely fun and informative show folks!!!
Discussion will be on Minelab’s upcoming events, interests, and ideas for the future of our hobby….
There will also be an open forum discussion part of the show, on any aspect of the hobby of metal detecting…machines, equipment, etc..
Dirt digging, beach hunting, or whatever form of detecting you may be involved in!!!
Call in to join us live, with questions, stories, ideas, or whatever!!!
Join us live tonight, Thursday night….Listen to the show live through the player on the link below…
Hope to have u all join us tonight!!

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