Found….Gold Hammered Coin – Louis XII…1498-1514

Louis XII Ecu D’or Au Soleil Gold Hammered Coin found in Suffolk. This object was found by Gary Campion while metal detecting an as yet undocumented Romano-British settlement in East Suffolk on behalf of the landowner. This object is shortly undergoing documentation by the Bury St Edmunds PAS along with other objects found in the location. What is particularly interesting is the fact that this coin was minted at the time as Louis married Mary Tudor, the sister of Henry VIII. Sir Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk married Mary Tudor when Louis XII died in 1515. How did it end up in the middle of acres of farmland in Suffolk? Who handled the coin?

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2 thoughts on “Found….Gold Hammered Coin – Louis XII…1498-1514

  1. Coins can be found in unusual places, far from home. In this case, I’d say it’s not too unusual, since England and France were so closely tied.

    • Agreed…artifacts of all origins turn up all over the world…that is one of the things that makes metal detecting/relic hunting such a great hobby.

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