The Ides of March: Obama’s Approvals Crash, Already at Pre-Election Levels

Well, that was fun. You were fairly popular for a while, Mr. President, and now you’re back to the same partisan split in approval and disapproval as before the election.

RealClearPolitics averages several major national polls to come up with a composite picture:

That approaching convergence near the end means that almost as many approve as disapprove of the president. Second terms are notoriously difficult on incumbent presidents, and if the Democrat Party seeks future national success, it might want to avoid a Harry Truman-like tanking of the president’s approval rating.

Not a perpetual campaign of bl owing smoke up people’s arses, but actually getting something positive accomplished for the good of the country would be a refreshing start. If the economy doesn’t get going in terms of production and actual job creation in the private sector (not window-dressing of millions dropping out of labor force), this could be a disastrous four years for the Democrat brand.

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2 thoughts on “The Ides of March: Obama’s Approvals Crash, Already at Pre-Election Levels

  1. william wallace

    The use of USA armed drones (unmanned aircraft) have
    killed as continue to kill thousands / for this dire
    crime alone BARACK should be brought to trial / and
    face the relative’s of those he has killed where be man /woman/child/slaughtered /being shown no mercy.

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