Number of Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ Hit Record High in February…

While the 236,000 gain in non-farm payrolls and the 0.2 percentage-point drop in unemployment for February excited many, another number threw some cold water on the optimism.

The number of Americans who count as “not in the labor force” totaled 89,304,000, a record high, and up 0.3 percent from 89,008,000 in January, according to the Labor Department, reports.

“Not in the labor force” means they have given up looking for work or have retired (early or on schedule).

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2 thoughts on “Number of Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ Hit Record High in February…

  1. mylifeinfocusblog

    Only 65% of Americans are working. That means 35% are NOT working out of a 100% capable work force. Sounds like Great Depression numbers to me. If the govt wasn’t pimping food stamps, section8 housing and other freebies, we’d be seeing bread lines and hoards of homeless. Oh, BTW, NYC just got listed as having the highest number of homeless people ever! I forgot. Mayor Bloomberg blames Hurricane Sandy. He must have learned that trick from Obama. As if numbers can rise to the highest in the country within just a three month period. Duh?

  2. Agreed on all points…thanks for commenting…

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