6 Reasons Liberal Attacks on Romney Won’t Work

#1 – Obama has no record to stand on.
“We tried that and it didn’t work,” Obama said in reference to ‘top down’ economic policies. “Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan…and it worked.”
I’m not even going to touch on the amount of spending that happened under Bush, but for Obama to claim it ‘worked’ is completely asinine.
Obama made that remark in Oakland, CA – a city that sported a 13.7% unemployment rate in May.
Unemployment just rose to 8.3% as far as the least descriptive statistic goes, but if you look at the further-encompassing U-6 unemployment rate, unemployment really just went up to 15.2%.
Should we even touch on the fact that he’s added over $5 trillion to the national debt in his first 3.5 years?
#2 – The attacks are lies and spins.
The most obvious series of ads involve Bain Capital’s GST Steel, which Obama claims Romney loaded with debt for personal profit.
Before Bain invested in the steel company, GST went from having 4,500 employees in 1970 to having 1,000 by the late 80’s. The entire steel industry lost 200,000 jobs in the years leading up to GST’s buyout in 1993, and Armco, the company Bain bought the plant from, lost $641 million in the same year.
B.C. Huselton, a former vice president at GST, told the WSJ that the Armco CEO said, “Look, we either try to sell it, or we’ve got to shut it down.” That was in 1990 – 3 years before Bain touched it.
Bain came along in 1993, purchased it for $80 million, and dumped $100 million dollars into it. The investment held the company afloat, but as the global need for GST products waned throughout the 90’s, they found themselves in serious trouble. By 1997, workers went on strike, “shooting bottle rockets at guards,” and by 2001, the company went bankrupt.
Attacking a successful private-equity firm for the closure of one steel company that was riddled with problems is almost entirely worthless.
#3 – The attacks on Romney carry no weight.
Word broke out that Romney was a high school bully to a classmate, John Lauber, but the ‘victim’s’ sister never knew of the incident. “The family of John Lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of John is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda,” the family said.
And Romney was also attacked as a dog-hater of sorts for going on vacation and strapping his dog to the top of his car. The dog was never injured, and the family claimed he loved it.
The funny thing about this is that Romney never ate dog like Obama did growing up in Indonesia.
#4 – Obama’s campaign is extremely negative.
A July 28 article in the New York Times noted that Obama has run negative commercials 118,775 times since April, compared to 56,128 positive commercial runs.
In the same time, Romney ran 51,973 negative ads, and 11,921 positive ads.
Neither of these numbers reflect super PAC ads that undoubtedly play a substantial role, but all of the attacking makes one wonder, “Why does he have to attack so much? Does he not have the ability as an incumbent to brag about his accomplishments?”
No – because they are few and far between, and ultimately not that impressive.
So much for the guy that promised a new kind of politics…
#5 – Obama does the same thing.
I’ll go ahead and say it: Romney outsourced money at the very least. There has been a substantial amount of back and forth on this issue after the Obama campaign released their ad, “The Problem,” but I don’t care what anyone says, Bain Capital dollars went overseas any way you look at it, at least to Global-Tech appliances in the form of a $14.2 million investment. Then again, Romney was a businessman looking for profits.
Bud how can Obama call Romney an outsourcer? According to a CNSNews.com article, titled, “Obama Administration Outsourced Jobs with Stimulus Funding,” millions of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act went to foreign companies or domestic companies expanding abroad.
$39 million went to North Carolina based LED manufacturer, Cree Inc., a company that expanded to have half of its employees located in China that promised to “invest here [China] for both human talent and the most state-of-the-art technologies.”
$91 million went to Eurus America, whose wind farm was “actually built by British firm RES Americas and is now being run by EnXco, and American subsidiary of the French energy firm EDF Energies Nouvelles.”
A $337 million loan guarantee went to Sempra Energy that bought a reported 800,000 Chinese solar panels.
A $500 million loan guarantee went to Finnish automaker Fisker Automotive to help Fisker establish US manufacturing presence. Fisker never established an American factory.
You can argue that much of the stimulus either helped Americans or stayed here completely, or that the guaranteed loan money will come back to America, but he undoubtedly sent a substantial amount of money abroad. For those that completely disagree – why didn’t the stimulus take unemployment down to the 6% we were promised by this year?
#6 – The racism just isn’t there.
Liberals are always ready to drop a race card. For evidence, look at the new ad from Mitt Romney attacking Obama for waiving the work requirement for welfare assistance; many have come out and attacked Romney as racist.
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said, “The pictures of the wholesome family there concerned about welfare cheating are white people. And the implication here is pretty clear that the people that are getting these welfare checks without working are not white people. This is the old stuff that Romney is resorting to here. It’s familiar territory. It’s Willie Horton’s stuff it’s the same old stuff Reagan used to engage in, talk about welfare queens and young bucks waiting in line with their food stamps to get vodka. I lived through all of that stuff. I know all the code. This is code.”
This is the same Chris Matthews that also said he is “uncomfortable” calling fallen soldiers “heroes.”
The numbers concerning welfare are very clear; it isn’t about race, it’s about spending money we don’t have.
CORRECTION: Chris Hayes was uncomfortable calling fallen military ‘heroes,’ not Chris Matthews.

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